A few empties.

904174_372089452899622_1182585135_oSo, recently I’ve finished a few products which I’d been using over the past few months, and so I thought that I’d show you! Grab yourselves a quick cuppa, get comfy, and see what I thought about them…

Limited Edition Ponche Shower Gel – Lush:

I’m so annoyed that this shower gel is only limited edition…It’s just the best smelling shower gel in the world…To me. I really do love orange/cinnamon punchy scents, and so I used this all the time and always smelt sososo good! I told all of my friends and family to smell it and have a try, and they loved it.

Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask – Neutrogena:

I used this as a daily wash for mornings and evenings, and I just found it basically like any other old facial wash really. I didn’t feel like it did wonders, but it always managed to keep my face fairly moisturised which was a plus.

Concealer Stick in Fair – Natural Collection:

This concealer was ok…I thought it did quite well for it’s price range, and it concealed my under-eye bags well, but the only problem was that it wasn’t great for concealing spots, and was actually quite drying. I actually just finished it today, and have now started using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, and oh my, is it good.

Volume Million Lashes Mascara – L’Oreal:

I got really into this when I first started using it, and found it really good, and basically just fell in love, but then after a while, it sort of just lost its magic, and just wasn’t too great…

Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara – Rimmel:

This is good stuff. I do recommend this if you want really thick, big lashes! It’s really great, but now I’ve moved on to my No7 Mascara, I don’t miss it at all…

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand – Boots:

This spot fighter really helps target spots and reduce redness effectively! It’s so great, and I really recommend it, as it’s just so cheap! Well done Boots.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know down below!


  1. I’ve tried the Neutrogena Facial Wash, the L’Oreal Million Lashes and the Boots Witch Hazel Spot Wand, I use the whole Witch Hazel and Tea Tree collection.
    I found that the Neutrogena Facial wash didn’t really do anything for my skin and it was quite expensive.
    I love love love L’Oreal Million Lashes and a tube lasts forever.
    I used to love the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range but I’ve recently found that it dries my skin out (review coming soon on my blog). It may be because I’ve been using it with other products but I haven’t really found the spot wand to do anything for my skin type which is quite dry, but as an astringent I imagine it would be great for oilier skin, and such good value too! :O

    • Yeah, the facial wash didn’t really do anything for me either, but yeah, the mascara was quite long lasting:) And I definitely agree that the boots wand was such a bargain:)

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