PicMonkey CollageHey lovelies! So one of this season’s get-ups has got to be monochrome. Monochrome is always out there, and is ALWAYS an essential fashion staple. Pairing black and white together gives off a clean, cut image, and is such a great statement piece. I’ve been keeping my eye open recently for some great monochrome pieces, and I found some things that I just ADORE, and just HAD to share with you!

The first picture on the far left, I find really imitates the essence of the whole monochrome look. This look is the perfect get-up for when you feel in a boyish/tomboy clean, cut and edgy mood! (A lot of words describing how I feel about it, yes). The main item in this look, though, are the culottes though. I mean, how beautiful?! Culottes:

Next, are the striped trousers. In a way, these aren’t your average monochrome striped trousers. These have only one stripe for each colour…White on the back, and black on the front, and I find these trousers divine…Who doesn’t?! Black and White Spelled Color Pants:

Have you seen this waistcoat?! I’m sorry, I’m just so excited for all these pieces, that I seem to be asking questions on each one, haha;) Anyway, this jacket is just so classic, and you could wear this with absolutely anything! (Well, that’s the beauty of monochrome, but you get my point). Look at the zips, ahhh. White Motor Waistcoat:

What do you think about these monochrome pieces? Which look/item is your favourite?

Tallulah xoxo


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