I watched you as you left.

PicMonkey CollageHey lovelies! Just a little snap of my outfit from yesterday! I recently got a few bits from a swish…(Haul coming soon!) And I wanted to show you them in an outfit! These jeans feel so comfy and are actually from Topshop. I also found this little cropped striped tee, which I thought was perfect just as an essential piece to add to any outfit. I also got this amazing cardi, which I’ve had many compliments on, and this was actually new with the label on! It’s from Oasis, and is just a lovely big cardi to just chuck on when the weather’s a bit chilly. I also added my apple necklace, and was good to go!

942920_386049691503598_245976589_nOh look! Another instaweek! My instagram is: @simplytallulah, so feel free to follow me!

Top left to right: Blogging and snacking on minstrels. Beautiful Helmut Lang denim jacket. I’m so obsessed with hair bows at the moment.

Bottom left to right: I’m addicted to these sweets. I love rainbows. My many headscarves.

Tallulah xoxo


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