It’s definitely not over.

969894_388782291230338_1360773918_n954900_388782317897002_1893026851_n970928_388782537896980_1641520558_n182972_388782431230324_1411355969_n300675_388782541230313_2080523566_nBrogues – Clarks // Dress – H&M

Hey lovelies! On Sunday I went on a lovely walk around the countryside with one of my friends, so that we could have a big photography session! As you may know already, I love photography, and sometimes venture out with my camera to snap some nice pics of my friends when they ask me for a little photography session! I also sneakily asked for a few pics of outfit, as this is one of my new dresses from this swish thing that I keep talking about! I found so much there! If there are any swishes or clothes swaps taking place near you, please jump at the opportunity to go, even though it may sound a bit weird, but seriously look through the piles of clothes and clothes racks, and I’m sure you’ll find a few (or a LOT) of nice pieces! Anyway, I got a bit off topic, so yeah, this is me awkwardly looking at buttercups on a lovely sunny day, looking a bit like Alice with my bow and cute outfit (don’t forget those awesome brogues my loves). So anyway, off I hop, and be sure to check my blog out tomorrow for my next post!

Tallulah xoxo

    • Thankyou, I love my dress:) Aw thanks, yeah my friend took them, so I have her to thank for!:)xxx

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