We could be seen dancing in the rain.


Heels – New Look // Top – New Look // Skirt – H&M // Necklace – Unknown

Hey lovelies! So I took these pictures a while back, but I thought you’d still like to see the pictures taken by Megan from mynamesmegan.blogspot.co.uk, which are lovely! (Her photography skills are just the best), and because it was such a nice day outside, we took our little cameras outside for some blog photos! I decided to put together an outfit that could provide some inspiration to how to dress up a skater skirt for going out, say, for a meal, or even a wedding!

I dolled the look up by pairing the skirt with some nude peep-toe heels, which gave it a girly edge. I also thought about teaming it with my stripy long-sleeved top for a classic twist (only just realised that the top wasn’t tucked in all the way, ooops!), whilst adding my silver and white beads to give some more detail! This is also a great outfit to wear casually around the house, or just for a bit of shopping, if you change the heels for some flats! I hope you liked this outfit, and have a lovely weekend!


Tallulah xoxo



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