Two reviews.

020Hey lovelies! So today’s post is going to be some reviews on two products that I’ve recently tried out…The Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil (I actually got this free with my Glamour issue a while back, and thought that it was time to do a mini review on it!) and also a mini tester of the new Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream that I found tucked away in a magazine!

So, firstly for the hair oil, this promised for volumised and textured locks, and to be honest, it did define my curls quite a bit, but on the other hand, there was just no point in using this product. When I first got it, I was very excited to use a Percy&Reed product, as I hadn’t actually tried any of their products before. I squeezed this into my locks (I tried it when it was wet and dry), but I just thought that it wasn’t as good as my VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray. I won’t be swapping these two round that much, that’s for sure, but I do want to use it up, so I might carry it around in my handbag or something, just if I want a teeny bit of volume in my hair when I’m out!

032So, next up is the Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream. I know I can’t really say whether this is good or bad, as I would have to get the full size to test it out over a few weeks or so, to say whether I do really like it or hate it…But you’re just going to have to forgive me, and I’ll just review what I thought about it when I used it for the first time!

I’ve never actually tried anything from Clarins either before (extremely expensive!), apart from a few samples from magazines, but this is obviously because I’m only 14, either though I have been lusting over their Lip Perfectors! This 3 in 1 cream has many benefits, and seems to have light to medium coverage, although the only problem was the colour…Obviously it was a tester from a magazine, so they obviously wouldn’t have had my exact colour, so…Yeah, it was just a bit too dark for me, and it looked like I’d fake tanned a bit too much, but it was really moisturising, and stayed put all day! Seems like a great BB Cream!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Tallulah xoxo

  1. Cariad said:

    i’ve just nominated you for a Liebster blog award, designed for the blogging community with less than 200 followers! Check the link to my blog below for more, congrats lovely! Cariad x

    • Thank you so much lovely!:’) Aw, made my day!:’) Love your blog!:)xoxo

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