Spot-light on guest blogger.

indexHey lovelies! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve just been really under pressure at school, and have just had so much work, a science exam to revise for, and I had a maths test today! Ugh, I’ve been so tired, and just bored, and haven’t had much inspiration, but I’ve come up with a long list of ideas recently, and so hopefully a lot more blogging will be underway! Anyway, enough nattering, and on to Islay! I thought I’d start off my back-to-blogging with a little post on the lovely Islay from! She’s one of my all time favourites, I mean, have you seen her blog? It’s so cute, and dainty, and her clothes and makeup are always so perfect, I mean, even those little details, like how your mouse turns into a rose when you go onto her blog, aw! (Go see what I’m talking about…) I’m also in love with her youtube and instagram…Just go check her out and you’ll see what I mean!:)

1.Why did you start your blog, and did anyone inspire you?

I started my blog in October 2011 after reading blogs and watching youtube for years and I wanted to get involved myself! The first youtuber I watched was juicystar07 and I can’t remember the first blog I started reading, but I guess it all sort of started from there!

2.What do you do other than blogging?

Along with my blog/youtube, I go to sixth form and study geography, photography and biology and I have a Saturday job in a shoe shop which I love! I like to paint my nails and bake a lot too!

3.What’s been the best experience that you’ve had during your time blogging?

I’d say the best experience was going to London to meet a few of my blogger friends and when I went to a couple of press days – It was such a good day and I can’t wait to meet them again soon!

4.Do you have any people/things that inspire you?

I find most of my inspiration through Instagram and Pinterest. By searching for relevant things you’re bound to find stuff to inspire you! I get lots of nail art inspiration from Pinterest!

5.What camera do you use?

I used to use a canon ixus which was great but I upgraded to a canon sx40 in October and I don’t know how I lived without it now!

6.What’s your favourite and essential item of make-up you think everyone should have?

This is a hard one but I think I’d have to say ‘cherries in the snow’ lipstick by revlon. It’s the perfect pinky berry shade and suits everyone! I love the formula so much too!

7.Do you have any favourite make-up designers?

If I could buy everything from Chanel or YSL then I would. The collections they bring out are always gorgeous!

8.Which places do you often shop at for make-up?

Usually Boots or I buy it online -You can usually find a bargain if you look hard enough online!

9.If you could steal anyone’s make-up bag, who’s would you steal?

I’d have to say Tanya Burr – She always has the most flawless makeup and I’m so envious over her mac eyeshadow collection!

You can tell I’ve missed blogging by the long intro, haha, but I’d like to thank Islay for taking part, and look out for more guest bloggers coming soon!

Tallulah xoxo


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