Used up items.

1008732_398041646971069_365433133_oHey lovelies! Sorry that I’m posting later than usual, but I basically just wanted to talk about a few products that I’ve used up recently, and I’ve had a busy day today, so I’m just relaxing…I had sport in the morning, then I went to a fair, then I went and helped my dad at work, and then I did some school work…So yeah, kinda tired, and I still need to get ready for father’s day tomorrow, ahhh!!! Ugh, and I also need to do some art work tomorrow…Hope my dad doesn’t mind…Errr…

1. The Power of Plants Botanics Bathing Softening Body Wash from Boots.

There’s nothing I can really talk about, apart from the fact that this was actually really good to shave with, leaving my skin feeling soft, and smelling great!

2. Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel from Soap&Glory.

This nifty number smelt like heaven in a tub! It bubbled and lathered nicely, and felt like a really nice treat at the end of the day!

3. Powder Fresh Women’s Advance Control 48 hour Anti-Perspirant&Deodorant from Mitchum.

Okay, so I needed a new deodorant, and when I found a 48hr one in a sweet smelling scent (ooohhh, powder freshhh) I knew this had to be good…And I was right! As it’s coming slowly into Summer (come on sun, get a move on!) I sweat a lot…I go out a lot more instead of cosying up under a duvet with some crisps at home, and I also do a lot of sport…This is perfect to keep me smelling fresh! I may need to go grab another one of these, because I’m not too happy with my other deodorant at the moment…

4. Ugh, okay, I did have the Shea Butter&Honey Nourishing Shower Gel from Original Source that I’d used up and was gonna show you, but I lost the bottle, and blablabla, so yeaaah…Go search it up, haha;) But anyway, that stuff smelt AH-MA-ZING. Okay, I know I say this about everything scent-wise that I like, but I just don’t know what to say…It really is just amazing! It smells like runny honey…But better…It was so softening, and made me smell ridiculously like a bee…In a good way…

I hope you enjoyed this post! Oh, and by the way…Sorry about the rubbish picture…I had to use my phone…

Tallulah xoxo


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