When the anchors were lifted up from the sweet horizon.

Hey lovelies! Just a quickie post on my outfit from yesterday, because of Father’s day and everything…(I love you daddyyy!!!) Oh yeah…And sorry about most of my silly faces and poses, my mum was taking the pictures, and was making me laugh so much, and it was so windy as well, which wasn’t too great…

009002014010008Brogues – Clarks // Jumper – H&M // Frilly Socks – Lovestruck // Dress – H&M

So I look a bit cringey I know, haha;) But anyway, I was going to a fair, and put this outfit together, and thought it looked quite cute!

I found this jumper lying in the back of my wardrobe, and thought it would go nicely over my stripy dress which I’d featured in a previous post. I thought it would make the dress look like a cute little skirt. I’d also seen many jumpers and tops tied up in knots recently, and loved the idea of knotting this jumper up to the side…It looked perfect!

Yesterday my mum also gave me a little present, and they were two pairs of cute frilly socks! One in a bright pop of pink, and one in a creamy/beige colour! I LOVE them, and I decided to pair the cream ones with my little brogues!

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

Tallulah xoxo


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