The haul (part 1)

Hey lovelies! I’ve been shopping…Oh no. So basically, I’ve gathered up the bits and pieces that I’ve been splurging on in the last month or so, and thought that I’d show you what I’ve got! This is in no way bragging, it’s just that I know that a lot of people like reading/watching hauls (including me), but if you hate them, then just happily click off now!

Okay, so because I also went shopping yesterday doing a big shop for lots of essentials that I’ve been needing to get for a while now, and also getting bits and bobs that I need for Spain in August, I’ve split the haul into two parts. One part will have stuff that I’d already bought before yesterday, and then I’ll do a post on what I bought yesterday on a different day…Gosh, don’t I ramble?!

001Up above are the clothes that I got…I got these running shorts and a little brown jumper from Zara, at a swish that I went to (clothes swap). I was then given two pairs of frilly socks (one’s in the wash, sorry!) by my mum as a little present, and they’re from Love Struck…They’re so cute! The blue scarf was also from the swish, and then the flowery scarf from Quintessential was a present from my grandparents…The flowery scarf is just beautiful.

002This next picture is of a few random bits that I also picked up. I got the new InStyle magazine, and also the Company magazine, which came with a cute little make-up bag! (Might be a bit too small though!) I also got two books from a fair that was in my village. I’ve wanted to read The Help for ages, so I straight away grabbed it from the stall! I also got Gone Girl, as I’d heard a lot of good reviews on it. Lastly, this bracelet was a little present from my friend who recently went to Morocco, and it’s so beautiful! The little intricate hands and jewels are so cute!

Well I think that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this post…Look out for part two soon!

Tallulah xoxo


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