The haul (part 2)

003004005006Hey lovelies! So this is part two of my big haul…So let’s get going!

The first place I went to was Primark…And oh no, this is when I got a bit too ‘cray-cray’ with my shopping bag thing…Ya know those baskets that you carry round putting clothes into? Yeah, mine was overloaded…I’d been looking for a little cropped black top for ages, and when I’d spotted this Rolling Stones gem, I straight away chucked it in my basket! I then went round looking for a slouchy/oversized tee, and found this cute turquoise/green one, which is a great addition to my Summer wardrobe! I then went to the shoes and feet-y section, and found some awesome creepers and loafer/moccasin/pump-type things, which were love at first sight…Oh yes, and some cute frilly socks! (I seriously love frilly socks, omg.)

I then popped into H&M for a little mooch around, and found a beautiful little lace and cotton dress with a little fabric belt, that will be great for when I go on holiday this year, as something to just put on when going out for a meal, or just being by the beach! (It was also reduced!) I then found a little turquoise crop top which was only, like, two quid! And also some cute floral shorts which were also really cheap.

Next stop…TopShop! Okay, I only really went in there to look at the sale, and for frilly socks…When I found out it was 3 pairs of socks for £8, I just found myself pulled into the whole deal of instagramming socks, and buying three of them! (My cousin also had a student discount, so why not?!) I decided on some cute pastel shades…Pink, yellow, and of course, white!

So there you have it! Oh, I also got the Hairspray DVD, but forgot to photograph it…Oh well!

Tallulah xoxo



  1. Amy said:

    Cool buys. I love those socks especially! 🙂

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