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130708-185729Hey lovelies! So I’m a little late on the regular Sunday post, aren’t I?! But better late than never I say, so let’s get on with the post!


This occurred of a stupid Geography test on the Monday…Well done for making one of our last days as miserable as ever! And then on the Tuesday it was boiling hot, and it was perfect for sports day! On the Wednesday, it was a whole day of practising for performing in the two celebration assemblies that day for the end of school! I performed in front of the school with two friends, singing and playing the guitar! Yes it was terrifying, but great at the same time…I then joined the orchestra with my cello and we played a nice song with the choir to the rest of the school! After that, as a little treat, me and a few friends went and saw Monsters University at the cinema, (which was AMAZING), as it was also one of my best friend’s last days. WE’LL MISS YOU DAIS!


I don’t actually remember what I did on these days…I’m like a goldfish.

Saturday: I went out and saw lots of my friends including two of my best mates Megan and Amber, and had a great time!

Sunday: I played my guitar and sang all day with one of my best friends, Lauren. HEY LAURENNN!

How was your week?

Tallulah xoxo

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130710Hey lovelies! Sooo, this is a bit late, and this was supposed to go up quite a while ago, because the lovely Kavi tagged me in it, which was so lovely and made my day, so go check her blog out now!

Blue: Okay, how beautiful is this Karl Lagerfeld: Sun, Moon and Stars perfume?! The bottle gives off a really mature vibe, with cute little moon and stars carved around the bottle! The smell is perfect for night-time and going out for a party or meal, because it’s quite a heavy perfume, and smells quite wintry (even though it’s Summer!)

Purple: Right, yep another perfume, but oh well. I just HAD to include this Stella perfume! This is another equally cute bottle, and seems very feminine. It smells so sweet and flirtatious, which is just perfect for these Summer months!

Red: I always talk about this…I know. But seriously, the Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon is such a versatile make-up item that goes with anything and everything! (Can you call a make-up item versatile?!) But anyway, I wear this nearly everyday, and I’ve had such lovely compliments on the colour, so this is just my must-have lip item!

Green: So the normal Simple Facial Wash is just an essential for smoothing and softening my skin whilst washing in the morning and at night! It lathers nicely, and makes my skin glow!

Yellow: All of the products from the Power of Plants Botanics range at Boots are just perfect for bath time, and I just randomly picked this one out!

Orange: I talk about this all the time too, but oh well. REN face mask. YES.

I tag YOU!

Tallulah xoxo

006Hey lovelies! So it’s that time of year that you’ve got to whip out that sun cream, and stock up on make-up full of SPF benefits and vitamins for the skin! I thought I’d talk about a few products I use on my face as a base for the rest of my make-up, and exactly what I think of them! I need to make this real quick though, because I’m off to meet some friends!

1. L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream: This is such a lovely, creamy BB cream which feels so hydrating and smoothing whilst on my face. It’s blend able and protects my skin with SPF 12.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: This makes my skin have a lovely even coverage, and gives off a bronzed, natural glow. This benefits with SPF 18, and feels lightweight and flawless.

3. L’Oreal Triple Active Glow Moisturiser: This literally does what it says! It gives off a lovely tinted glow, and gives off a vibe of enhancing my complexion, and benefiting with SPF 15!

What products are you using to protect your skin this Summer?

Tallulah xoxo

130630-170029Hey lovelies! I didn’t really think that this blog had much of a personal touch to it, so I decided that on Sundays I would do a little reflective post to look back on my week and tell you guys all about it! I see so many bloggers doing these types of posts, for example Anna and Suzie, and I thought I’d join in!


Okay, so this last week has been so busy at school. I only have three days left before the Summer holidays next week, and so this last week has been Curriculum Enhancement Week (well Monday was a normal school day) But the last four days were spent creating costumes for a fashion show at my school, choosing music for my group’s catwalk bit, and choreographing some moves for the final show! I actually asked if I could take my Canon along on the last day and snap some photos of the show, in which they gladly said yes to! I also then got asked to take some pictures of RemedySounds who came along to our school and did an awesome performance!


Saturday was spent watching loads of Buffy episodes, editing photographs, writing a whole load of blog posts, writing songs on my guitar, listening to music, exercising and revising for a Geography test that I have tomorrow! Quite a productive day, but also really nice and relaxing.


So today I went off to the annual family Summer picnic at a little park about an hour away from where I live. It was really nice, just chatting, playing with my little cousins and…Eating good food of course! I also brought my geography books along for a little bit of revising whilst sunbathing!

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Tallulah xoxo

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001Hey lovelies! Okay, so I’m kinda new to pencilling my brows in, so I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with my eyebrows, and have been testing out eyebrow pencils and what-not, and have even found out that some of the products I already have, work extremely well as a double-up for my eyebrows, instead of getting other items such as eyebrow gel…I don’t even need to get eyebrow pencils or eyebrow palettes, as other make-up items do the trick!

1. I fill in my brows with the darkest shade in the Rimmel Glam’Eyes eyeshadow trio using an angled brush. I just slightly fill them in around all the lighter areas to get that defined brow.

2. On some days I fill/also fill them in using my No7 mascara (yes, the one that I always talk about)! Just if I want my brows to be slightly darker. I just take the brush and swipe it over my eyebrow really carefully, making sure not to scrape it over my skin on the eyebrow too much, so it just catches the brow hairs.

3. I also make sure my eyebrows are smooth and won’t easily move or smudge with some Vaseline! Vaseline always comes in handy doesn’t it?! This is so much cheaper than brow gel and is still very effective!

Sorry if this post was quite ramble-y, but I thought I would just get it out there to some of my younger readers, that you can use make-up for not only it’s purpose, but other things too! I even realised that my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer was great as a highlighter for my cheekbones!

Tallulah xoxo

003Hey lovelies! So when it comes to Summer, I always want to experiment with colour a lot more. I like to venture out of my comfort zone and go for bright, bold colours, to get a glowing, fun look! I recently saw Lily’s video and I thought maybe I should do a little post on some things that you can use to step out of your comfort zone and try out…Maybe try out a bold lip, brighter blush, or maybe even go for a bright blue eyelid! Here are three of my picks for going bright this Summer:

1. This MUA blush is a pretty pink, glowing colour, and is perfect for these Summer months. Just swipe this beauty over your cheeks and you’re good to go!

2. This Forever 21 eye-shadow palette is full of bright, sparkly colours which will make your eyes dazzle in an instant. Take your pick, and maybe even line your bottom lashes with a dazzling purple!

3. This L’Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Princess is perfect for days out to add some interest and a spark into your outfit. It will make you feel more alert and awake for the day!

Sorry if I sounded like I was in an advert, and a bit too enthusiastic about these products…But that is seriously how I feel about them…I actually just can’t get enough!

Tallulah xoxo

1069912_409488585826375_374414803_nHey lovelies! So I recently found some little Moisture Match moisturiser samples from Garnier in a magazine, and thought that I would just try them out, and see what I thought…There isn’t really much to say, as I only got about two days to test out each sample, but I’ll just go through what my first thoughts were of these!

My skin is a bit combination, as it can sometimes get really dry, but sometimes quite oily (especially when it’s so hot like this!) I also have some acne scarring and some spots around my face, so just take that into account!

For dry skin: This didn’t do much, because in a way my skin has just been quite oily recently, but I still tried it out, but I think this broke me out after using this!

For oily skin: I noticed that this one actually made my face a little bit less oily than normal, although my face was still quite oily around my T-zone. I also think this might be one of the things that made my skin break out as well!

I wouldn’t buy these, because I think they both made me break out a bit, and I also don’t really think they controlled my skin as much as other moisturisers I’ve tried…But it might also be something to do with the weather…

Tallulah xoxo