Music and life.

1044773_404379313003969_1811577863_nHey lovelies! Sorry about the lack of blogging recently…Bad blogger. It’s just getting to the end of the Summer term, and it’s just getting so hot and pooey, and exams are creeping round corners and everything! My week-end consisted of seeing friends and sunbathing, a concert and also just revising for the science exam that I had today, so not much time to write…Anyway, I thought I’d just take some time to just sit down and talk about this beautiful book I’ve recently read…If I Stay made me cry so much, and made me think about a lot of things…Mia’s love for music made me sort of relate to her and her life…How her life is surrounded around her cello (If you may or may not know, this is one of the instruments I play…As well as guitar). How she has to make decisions based on not only her, but everything and everyone, and how her life disappeared in a blink of an eye…It’s such a moving book, and I would really recommend it! It got me thinking a lot about how I don’t feel too inspired with my cello at the moment, and how I’m kind of forgetting about it, and not putting any effort into it…It made me realise how music and playing my instruments does actually make me feel happy, and I realised that I did actually miss playing my instruments regularly…This book inspired me to just get going and enjoy it.

Tallulah xoxo


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