The face base.

Hey lovelies! What does your face base occur of? Mine occurs of moisturiser, a bit of primer, some BB cream, a hint of foundation, a touch of concealer and a little bit of powder…Recently I’ve had to re-purchase a few bits and bobs as most of my items had run out, so in this post I’m just going to talk about a few empties and a re-purchasing haul!

247629_406653696109864_1746963470_nSo I went to Boots and Superdrug after school one day on a hunt for a good powder, primer and foundation…I knew that I wanted to re-purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, so I straight away went to the Rimmel stand, and also found the Match Perfection Foundation and sampled some on my hand…I instantly knew I should get this foundation, and I’m now in love! I also popped over to the MUA section in Superdrug and found this primer! It’s wonderful! Such a great, cheap find!

I also got given a new moisturiser from my mum, which is the L’Oreal Triple Active Glow, and it works wonderfully! (Pop over to my instagram to see a picture I took of it: @simplytallulah).

Want to know what the empties are? Carry on reading!

1048805_406667382775162_184199795_oI finished off the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder pretty quickly, because it broke a while back, and I finished up all the remaining bits, and they also kept spilling out, so I had to wrap the box in cling film! I also finished off my Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation around the same time, but I found this foundation quite heavy, so I was kind of thankful that it ran out and I could move on to a different foundation! I also finished this L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer, which I’m kind of sad about, as this made my skin feel so soft and smooth, and really helped my make-up stay put! But unfortunately I couldn’t really afford it again, and the MUA one works just as well! I also finished my Nivea Soft Moisturiser, and this was a lovely thick and creamy moisturiser which really did the trick!

I hope you liked this post!

Tallulah xoxo


  1. I love boots..I always buy some item from the makeup section when I go there. Thanks for sharing your beauty routine. I use the revlon photoready foundation and the powder as well as the honey blush from body shop. 🙂

    • Thanks!:) I also use blush, highlighter and bronzer from mua too!:)xoxo

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