The try-outs.

1069912_409488585826375_374414803_nHey lovelies! So I recently found some little Moisture Match moisturiser samples from Garnier in a magazine, and thought that I would just try them out, and see what I thought…There isn’t really much to say, as I only got about two days to test out each sample, but I’ll just go through what my first thoughts were of these!

My skin is a bit combination, as it can sometimes get really dry, but sometimes quite oily (especially when it’s so hot like this!) I also have some acne scarring and some spots around my face, so just take that into account!

For dry skin: This didn’t do much, because in a way my skin has just been quite oily recently, but I still tried it out, but I think this broke me out after using this!

For oily skin: I noticed that this one actually made my face a little bit less oily than normal, although my face was still quite oily around my T-zone. I also think this might be one of the things that made my skin break out as well!

I wouldn’t buy these, because I think they both made me break out a bit, and I also don’t really think they controlled my skin as much as other moisturisers I’ve tried…But it might also be something to do with the weather…

Tallulah xoxo

  1. Thanks for the tip, I was going to go buy it, but I think I’ll try a sample before I do.. I don’t need another break out haha!

    • Thanks:) Haha yeah I like sampling products before buying just in case!:)xoxo

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