130630-170029Hey lovelies! I didn’t really think that this blog had much of a personal touch to it, so I decided that on Sundays I would do a little reflective post to look back on my week and tell you guys all about it! I see so many bloggers doing these types of posts, for example Anna and Suzie, and I thought I’d join in!


Okay, so this last week has been so busy at school. I only have three days left before the Summer holidays next week, and so this last week has been Curriculum Enhancement Week (well Monday was a normal school day) But the last four days were spent creating costumes for a fashion show at my school, choosing music for my group’s catwalk bit, and choreographing some moves for the final show! I actually asked if I could take my Canon along on the last day and snap some photos of the show, in which they gladly said yes to! I also then got asked to take some pictures of RemedySounds who came along to our school and did an awesome performance!


Saturday was spent watching loads of Buffy episodes, editing photographs, writing a whole load of blog posts, writing songs on my guitar, listening to music, exercising and revising for a Geography test that I have tomorrow! Quite a productive day, but also really nice and relaxing.


So today I went off to the annual family Summer picnic at a little park about an hour away from where I live. It was really nice, just chatting, playing with my little cousins and…Eating good food of course! I also brought my geography books along for a little bit of revising whilst sunbathing!

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

Jonsi: Go Do

Nickelback: Rockstar

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

We The Wild: You Lost My Mind

Labrinth: Let The Sun Shine

Prodigy: Stand Up

P!nk ft. Lily Allen: True Love


DrDr: Addicted

Bondax: Gold

  1. You have not started summer vacation yet???
    Here schoosl are off in June already:)
    Wish you a great vacation though:)

    • Well I’ve only got one and a half more days left, but argh I’m jealous!:( But thank you!:Dxx

      • not that it affects me much since I finsihed school years ago:) Have a great summer vacation when you’re finally out of school:)

  2. Kavi said:

    Aw, seems like you’ve had a nice week! If you’re interested, I have a giveaway up on my blog! I’d love for you to enter!xx

    • Yep!:) Hehe:) Aw yes!:) Oh, and I’m sorry I’m late on the rainbow tag, but I’m going to do it this week if you want to look out for it!:Dxx

      • Kavi said:

        Yay, cool can’t wait to see your entry, and I’ll definitely be reading your rainbow tag post! 😀 xxx

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