The eyebrow double-ups.

001Hey lovelies! Okay, so I’m kinda new to pencilling my brows in, so I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with my eyebrows, and have been testing out eyebrow pencils and what-not, and have even found out that some of the products I already have, work extremely well as a double-up for my eyebrows, instead of getting other items such as eyebrow gel…I don’t even need to get eyebrow pencils or eyebrow palettes, as other make-up items do the trick!

1. I fill in my brows with the darkest shade in the Rimmel Glam’Eyes eyeshadow trio using an angled brush. I just slightly fill them in around all the lighter areas to get that defined brow.

2. On some days I fill/also fill them in using my No7 mascara (yes, the one that I always talk about)! Just if I want my brows to be slightly darker. I just take the brush and swipe it over my eyebrow really carefully, making sure not to scrape it over my skin on the eyebrow too much, so it just catches the brow hairs.

3. I also make sure my eyebrows are smooth and won’t easily move or smudge with some Vaseline! Vaseline always comes in handy doesn’t it?! This is so much cheaper than brow gel and is still very effective!

Sorry if this post was quite ramble-y, but I thought I would just get it out there to some of my younger readers, that you can use make-up for not only it’s purpose, but other things too! I even realised that my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer was great as a highlighter for my cheekbones!

Tallulah xoxo


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