The rainbow tag.

130710Hey lovelies! Sooo, this is a bit late, and this was supposed to go up quite a while ago, because the lovely Kavi tagged me in it, which was so lovely and made my day, so go check her blog out now!

Blue: Okay, how beautiful is this Karl Lagerfeld: Sun, Moon and Stars perfume?! The bottle gives off a really mature vibe, with cute little moon and stars carved around the bottle! The smell is perfect for night-time and going out for a party or meal, because it’s quite a heavy perfume, and smells quite wintry (even though it’s Summer!)

Purple: Right, yep another perfume, but oh well. I just HAD to include this Stella perfume! This is another equally cute bottle, and seems very feminine. It smells so sweet and flirtatious, which is just perfect for these Summer months!

Red: I always talk about this…I know. But seriously, the Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon is such a versatile make-up item that goes with anything and everything! (Can you call a make-up item versatile?!) But anyway, I wear this nearly everyday, and I’ve had such lovely compliments on the colour, so this is just my must-have lip item!

Green: So the normal Simple Facial Wash is just an essential for smoothing and softening my skin whilst washing in the morning and at night! It lathers nicely, and makes my skin glow!

Yellow: All of the products from the Power of Plants Botanics range at Boots are just perfect for bath time, and I just randomly picked this one out!

Orange: I talk about this all the time too, but oh well. REN face mask. YES.

I tag YOU!

Tallulah xoxo

  1. Def going to try out the karl lagerfeld perfume! I have found my summery perfume and still lookong for my wintery one- maybe this is the one 🙂

  2. Kavi said:

    Aww love it! I love the simple facial wash and the revlon lip butters too!xx

      • Kavi said:

        🙂 Please enter my giveaway- I’d love for you to win!xx

      • OMG! I forgot!:o Right, I’ll do it right away!:o Haha:)xx

      • Kavi said:

        Oh aha don’t worry! 🙂 xx

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