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download-1Hey lovelies! Oooh lookie! I got nominated by the wonderful Kavi for the Versatile Blogger Award! I feel so honoured, and grateful that I was nominated so thanks lovely! (Go check her out now, you won’t regret it!)

The Rules:

1. Display the award certificate on your blog

2. Announce your win with a post and a thank you to the blogger who nominated you

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers the award

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment

5. Display 7 interesting facts about yourself

Interesting Facts (Hmmm…):

1. I’m attending my first ever bloggy meet up tomorrow! (If you don’t count Tanya Burr’s…Haha;))

2. I may also vlog there, as I might be starting a youtube channel…!

3. I’ve never dyed my hair. (I hope to maybe dye it a wacky colour and get out of my comfort zone though!)

4. I’ve never had any piercings. (I shall be getting four piercings though…I’ve planned it all out, haha;))

5. I play the guitar, cello, sing and I want to learn how to play the ukelele and piano!

6. I’ve just finished my French GCSEs and I got a B overall!

7. I’ve got a few jobs at the moment, I’m doing a little bit of photography for a clothing line business, and I also do some work for my dad’s company (as well as the odd job at babysitting!) I really want to find another job though, so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled!

Blogs I nominate:

1. Le Zoe Musings

2. Joanna Loves

3. Fashion, Food and Flirts

4. Dandelion Whiskers

5. Julia Linn

6. I Hate Blonde

7. Classy Girl with the Curls

8. The Fashion Carousel

9. Charnelle Geraldine

10. Lace and Combat Boots

11. Alyshea Surani

12. My Name’s Megan

13. Charltom Wintale

14. Sophie etc

15. Ellie’s Favourite Things

I love all these bloggy-woggys a bit TOO much, so go check them out…Yes. I mean now.

Tallulah xoxo

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013Hey lovelies! So hair. I recently got my hair ‘trimmed’…Well I wanted about an inch off and my mum took off a whole chunk. I hated it, as I was known for having my hair quite long, and I wanted to keep it long, but healthy so that it would grow a lot longer…And my mum ended up ruining it. But then…Yes, I grew to love it, and it wasn’t even that short! (Drama queen alert). I love how it makes me feel like a new and better me. Ya know when just a little thing makes you feel that little bit different?! If you ever want a change, then changing your hair is the best thing. Even if it’s just trying out a new hairstyle! My hair felt lush. It felt new, cuter, bouncy, and full of life again! I think it’s perfect for starting a new year at school…Feeling fresh and raring to go. So let’s take a look at my holy grail products for keeping my hair voluminous, protected and soft!

1. VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray: I love this product. This literally does exactly what it says on the bottle. It gives texture, and lifts my hair, making it tousled, and perfect for styling!

2. Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum: Before straightening my hair or blow drying, I squeeze enough serum to reach every bit of hair into my palm, and just massage it into my locks. This just helps protect my hair from the nasty heat, whilst still giving it shine and helping keep my hair straight!

3. Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil: At first I didn’t really like this, but I now use it quite a lot, as I love it! I use it to define and texturise my curls, and squeeze a smidgen into my palm and rub it through my locks for a finishing touch after blow drying!

4. Trevor Sorbie Goop: This shines and defines…Who would have guessed…Haha;) It also has amazing benefits like Vitamin E, helps protect from heat too(!), helps protect from sun damage and also helps style and keep shiny! Just a great product all in one.

Tallulah xoxo

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Hey lovelies! This outfit’s quite grungy, and it’s a perfect outfit for the end of summer! During the day make do with a cute crop top, but when it gets a bit chilly you can just throw on a denim jacket! (I love tucking in denim underneath denim!)

These poses are so cringey, I’m such a poser…I’m sorry…I like to be taking them, not in them… I CAN’T POSE. But thank you Megan for taking them!

PicMonkey15212324Creepers – Primark // Jeans – Topshop // Frilly Socks – Topshop // Belt – Unknown // Jacket – Calvin Klein // Crop top – Primark

And yes, I know I don’t have a flat stomach, but oh well! I’m loving the crop top trend at the moment!

Tallulah xoxo

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018Hey lovelies! Been a while hasn’t it…I just got back from Mallorca a few days ago, and ahhh, it was bliss! So hot, so sunny…So relaxing, and then I got back to England and was like ‘humphhh, what to to do with rain and grey skies?!’ I still thought I could prance around in just shorts and tees, but oh no…Anyway, I thought I’d start with this little post to slowly come back into blogging…Hoorayyy!

Day fragrances:

Gilly Hicks-Apple Orchid: This body mist is so sweet and perfect for the Summer months, I think you could say it was my friend’s fault for buying this, as she bought two (including this one), and there was a 3 for 2 offer, so she practically made me…Excuses excuses, I know…

Natural Collection-Apple&Lime: This was a gift to me a while back, and it’s actually nearly run out which is a shame, but ahhh, it’s actually a really great find, as it’s cheap and smells great!

Stella McCartney-Stella: This is by far one of my faves. My mum didn’t seem to like this, so I suppose if you’re not too into girly, sweet fragrances, then this isn’t for you, but I adore it! It’s so classy and chic.

015Night fragrances:

Elizabeth Arden-Splendor: I know a lot of people find this a sort of granny-ish brand and scent, but I love Elizabth Arden, and the scent is just lovely, mature and sweet. I love to wear it on special occasions, as it’s so lasting, and I get lots of compliments!

FCUK-Connect for her: I was so excited when I got given this as a Christmas present, and my expectations were definitely high…I wasn’t let down one bit! Sweet and strong, this is great for nights out!

Karl Lagerfeld-Sun, Moon, Stars: Ohhh you’ve heard me rave about this for yonks, so I expect I don’t really need to go into detail! Definitely my signature scent.

A bit rambly I know, and sometimes it feels like I’m in an advert! Sorry if it feels like I’m always trying to make you but them, but it’s because they’re so damn good, and I just love them! Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of knowledge scents-wise too…

Tallulah xoxo

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130414-183403Hey lovelies! I’m actually off to Mallorca tomorrow, so I won’t be posting for about two weeks, so I’m really sorry about that, as I won’t be taking my laptop with me…Just my books! But the tradition for a Sunday post is in order, so let’s get going with this! Oh yeah…You know the last Sunday post I said I wouldn’t get a tan when I went to the beach?…Well…I actually did get a little bit of a tan…! *WOOO!!!*

Monday: Me and my friend just chilled all day watching movies, scrapbooking and doing pilates. Lauren then came round and we spent the afternoon watching youtube videos…Our life. Lauren then went home, and Amber stayed round, watching movies such as Harry Potter (6) and Whip it.

Tuesday: Me and Amber then spent the next day shopping and gazing at the beach. I needed a bikini so we searched the whole city, and then found a cute one at Topshop! FINALLYYY!!! *HOLLAAA*

Wednesday: Chilled. Chilled. And chilled.

Thursday: Megan stayed over in the evening…We gossiped, ate chocolate and watched films…Just your normal girly sleepover!

Friday: Me and the family then travelled to a mystical land called my Grandparent’s house, where we found food, food and food. Oh, and maybe some more of my family…

Saturday: Yesterday was such a good day, spent swimming and playing tennis (we really can’t play tennis) at Ellie’s house, along with the lovely Tasha…Yes, I know you’re reading this…Haha;)

Sunday: Today I plan just to spend the day packing for the family adventure tomorrow, and watching some more Harry Potter…

Have a good two weeks, and I pinky promise I’ll be back soon!

Tallulah xoxo

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009Hey lovelies! I recently got involved in taking part in Kirsty‘s series of guest posts, and I thought I’d just share the post with you just in case you hadn’t seen it! Also, go check out Kirsty’s blog, who’s I did the post for, and I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing the post on here! As you’ll see at the beginning of the post, I was so honoured to be a part of her blog, as her blog is genuinely one of my favourites! So here it is, and I just copied and pasted it (apart from the little intro)!

1. The playsuit: Any types of playsuits/jumpsuits/all-in-ones…Whatever you call it are perfect for these summer months, as they’re so easy to just pop on whenever you’re feeling lazy and hot, and they don’t mean having to pick out different bits of clothing! This one is from Primark, and I love how it reminds you a bit of sailors with the cute collar and button detailing! This one is also puffy which looks girlish and cute, and it also looks a lot like denim…Which is always a plus when it’s actually so much lighter than denim! Such nifty little things to get your little mitts on!

2. The slouchy knit: It’s too hot to wear heavy layering cardigans, and your old knitted jumper, so one of these thin slouchy knits it perfect for chucking over a cute dress or outfit when you’re hurrying out the door. This one’s from Oasis, and was a great find from a local swish (clothes swap) that I went to…It was brand new! See? You never know what you’ll find when hunting around for bargains!

3. The skater skirt: Okay, I’d say this is a must…Seriously, this beauty is great for going out in the evenings, and not wanting some big dress on that will make you melt! I like the plain black ones that you can find at H&M (cute zip detailing is a plus!) And I just like to pair it with a simple tee during the day, or at night with a cute blazer!

4. The over-sized tee: Any baggy plain tees are super-cute and totally say ‘minimal effort, maximum impact’. Go crazy with brights, or tone it down for a girly pastel hue…Whatever your style, these are the bomb-diggity. This one I found cheap at Primark!

5. The simple dress: Any simple dresses are great for summer nights, or just for during the day. This one from H&M is so cute with timeless stripes, and little puffy sleeves and buttons down the middle. The cinched in waist and puffy skirt make curves look amazing…Add a floral headband to complete the look!

6. The cropped tee: Any cropped tees are obviously great for summer and getting a bit of skin showing! I’m not that into the tight cropped tees, as I don’t love my stomach too much, so this one from Primark which just falls into place nicely is perfect for hiding that fact! I also love pairing them with chunky gold jewellery, or maybe just opt for a tee that has a cute slogan or motif on it!

I suppose I just love H&M and Primark this summer! What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

Tallulah xo

011Hey lovelies! What is it with makeup bags?! I seem to have sooo many, so I’ve recently sifted through them, and chucked a load out, apart from a few of my faves which I thought I’d show you…I used to feel so grown-up and independent when I was little with my cute little makeup bags which fit like, one thing in, and I used to carry my melting, gooey lip sticks around like they were some kind of treasure (I used to have a purple one which I LOVED).

I only really need two makeup bags, as I don’t even really use them, but I like to have some scattered around my bedroom as a kind of decoration…(I don’t really know…) They’re all really cheap with silly designs on them, but nevertheless, they make makeup so much more fun…!

We all got that Company magazine where we got the free cute makeup bag didn’t we?! Aw, I got the classic spotty one, but it doesn’t really fit much in…Oh well!

I got this other multi-coloured makeup bag free with a set of Boots…Stuff…I don’t even know, a while back, and I kept the bag, because look at that cute cupcake zip!

No idea where I got this mahoosive flowery makeup bag from…But it’s so good for keeping all my makeup in, and especially for travelling and using it as a makeup/travel/wash bag! It’s also got a pretty pattern…I’m a sucker for anything with a floral print…

This stripy number is my on-the-go makeup bag, when I just need to pop some makeup in my hand-bag, or when I go to school! I got this free with some Soap and Glory products, so it comes in handy!

Who else has stacks of pointless makeup bags like me?! Time for a clear-out, or do you also like them as funny little things to display…?

Tallulah xoxo