The eye shiners.

008Hey lovelies! So this Summer we want to look as glowing and fresh-faced as possible in the scorching sun. We may look a bit sweaty, but that can mean looking dewy and sun-kissed at the same time…You can easily freshen up your face by brightening up your eyes a little! Today I’m just going to talk about a few beauties that I think are worth a little mention for their dazzling qualities when it comes to brightening eyes, and also just a few ways to open up your eyes and make them sparkle!

1. Rimmel Glam’Eyes eyeshadow trio: I use the white shade in this trio to highlight around my brow bone, and I also add a little bit to the inner corners of my eyes just to make them seem wider and more awake. Investing in any white eyeshadow or eyeliner is perfect for opening up eyes!

2. Gold eyeliner: I can’t remember where this eyeliner is from…I think I got it from a magazine, but getting any gold eyeliner/eyeshadow stick is great for also making eyes pop! You can also use this for the inner corners of your eyes, and for an extra dazzle, line your bottom lash line with this baby, and it works a treat!

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze: This is new to me, but oh so amazing! One sweep of this over your eyelid and you’re good to go! It glides on perfectly, and the more…The better! Pack on the gold, and this will just emphasize your eyes so blooming much, you’ll want to slather it all over your body!

Finish with a flick of eyeliner and a sweep of mascara and you’re out the door!

Wow, was I maybe a bit too enthusiastic?!

Tallulah xoxo




  1. nataliejo210 said:

    I love this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx love the article

    • Thankyou!:’) Aw I love your blog! I love finding new blogs to read:) Thanks for sharing it with me, I’ve followed:)xoxo

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