My top 5 beauty products.

002Hey lovelies! I’ve recently been taking part in some opportunities to do a few guest posts on some people’s blogs…I thought I’d share the posts with you just in case you hadn’t seen them, and also go check out the blogs I did the post for, as I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing the post on here! I have three that I’m going to share with you, but today I’ll just talk about the one post I did for Alice‘s blog…My top 5 beauty products! (Which you’ve heard me natter about for ever and ever…) So here it is, and I just copied and pasted it (apart from the little intro and outro), so yeah…Go check out Alice‘s blog now, as it was such an honour to be part of it!

My top five products occur of items that I carry around with me everyday in my handbag, or products that I just use a few times a week to give me a boost and glow, or just for a special occasion! So let’s get on with the post!
1. This first product is an eyeshadow palette from Forever 21 in their love & beauty collection. When I first received this present as a gift from my auntie and uncle, I wasn’t too sure about whether it would be such a great palette, as I’d never tried any of the make-up from their range, but when I first tried it out, I was so impressed! It has a variety of shimmery colours that stay put and are long lasting. All of the colours are beautiful, really stand out, and don’t come off easily! I use this palette nearly every, and I always recommend this to friends and family…They’re always impressed when they try it out!
2. The next product is the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask from Ren, and yes, I know nearly everybody and their mother raves about this cult beauty item, but it is just so worth it! I use this about once a week for a little boost to just clear up my skin a bit, as it definitely brightens up my skin after I use it, and creates a nice glow instead of the usual dullness. It also helps with my spots and scarring, which is obviously a plus!
3. This next product is something that I am so obsessed with…The No7 Intense Volume mascara! This mascara is probably just the best mascara I’ve ever tried, as it lengthens my lashes and makes them look so full and long! It’s not a dry and clumpy formula, which is good, as it’s really wet, and the brush makes sure that all of your lashes are completely covered. I top my lashes up with this mascara all the time, and it just makes my lashes look very glamorous!
4. My next top product is the Revlon Lip Butter in 063 Wild Watermelon, and this just gives of a gorgeous glow of vibrant colour, just to hydrate the lips and soothe and soften them whilst making them look stunning! No wonder the lip butters are making such a big mark on the beauty world for their long lasting colour and moisturising abilities!
5. So last, but not least, my last favourite, and new beauty product is definitely the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter, which is basically just a bargain highlighter from Superdrug! I’d never actually tried any highlighter before until recently, as I’d never really seen the point, but when I tried this out, I realised that I’d definitely been missing out! This really highlights my face with such a gorgeous, sparkling colour, giving off a fresh, warm glow that really defines my face! I love it, and it’s such a bargain!
Tallulah xoxo

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