Review on the No7 Intense Volume Mascara.

Hey lovelies! As I said before, I’ve recently been taking part in some opportunities to do a few guest posts on some people’s blogs, and I thought I’d share the posts with you just in case you hadn’t seen them. Also go check out the blogs I did the post for, as I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing the post on here! This post is a guest post that I did for Shona‘s blog recently, and Shona‘s been one of my real inspirations for make-up and beauty, so be sure to check her lovely little blog out! So here it is, and I just copied and pasted it like before (apart from the little intro and outro)!

This is a review on the Intense Volume Mascara from No7 in Black and it’s just such a beautiful mascara that I’ve recently bought, so I thought that I’d do a review on it!

So below are a few photos of what my lashes looked like before and after, the packaging and the brush. As you can see, my lashes look a lot more lengthened and defined than before, and they’re also a lot more darker and make me look more awake! The mascara isn’t very gloopy, even though it’s very wet, which insures evenly spread mascara, making your lashes lengthened and making your eyes pop in just an instant (It’s a no-no to dry mascaras)! I actually only wear this mascara on it’s own, as I don’t wear too much, and I think it does a pretty good job just applied on it’s own (I normally wear a signature eyeliner flick over the top anyway, just to give them more of an effect)!
007010018019I really recommend this mascara, as this is great, and won’t disappoint! You can get it for £9.50 from Boots everywhere!
Tallulah xoxo

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