The things you don’t talk about.

007Hey lovelies! There’s a lot of stuff that we don’t really talk about when it comes to beauty, or we don’t even class as beauty…Even though everyone has these things, and all these things nag on each of our every minds, and come in helpful in every day life…Yep, it’s time to now talk about all those things that should earn a much well needed pat in the back when it comes to beauty!

1. Deodorant: Okay, everyone sweats, and because it’s now also Summer, this is even more of a big deal…Especially as I am, in fact…A teenager. *ARGHHH SMELLY TEENAGERSSS!!!* I recommend the Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Anti-Perspirant, as it does exactly what is says, and you can get the Mitchum deodorant in a sweet smelling ‘Powder Fresh’ too…Smells delish. The Bionsen one’s good too!

2. Shaving: Hmmm, yeah, not really the one to talk about this…But come on, a lot of people shave, and I would recommend any Venus razors, as I never really seem to come away with any scratches from the blade…Unless I’m running out of time and don’t really take much care, and get a pesky ouchie!

3. Expiry dates: No one ever really thinks about expiry dates, even though they’re so blimmin’ important! Okay, I might have held on to that eyeliner a bit too long…And don’t forget that mascara, but we all need to make sure we chuck out the gross bits and bobs before we get an eye infection! Just remember that mascara lasts for about 4 months, foundation for 6 months, concealer for 8 months and eyeliner for about a year.

Wow, I hope you erm…Enjoyed? This post, but seriously, you don’t want germy-wermys just because you haven’t taken care of chucking out your old makeup! *EWWW COOTIESSS!!!*

Tallulah xoxo


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