My obsession with makeup bags.

011Hey lovelies! What is it with makeup bags?! I seem to have sooo many, so I’ve recently sifted through them, and chucked a load out, apart from a few of my faves which I thought I’d show you…I used to feel so grown-up and independent when I was little with my cute little makeup bags which fit like, one thing in, and I used to carry my melting, gooey lip sticks around like they were some kind of treasure (I used to have a purple one which I LOVED).

I only really need two makeup bags, as I don’t even really use them, but I like to have some scattered around my bedroom as a kind of decoration…(I don’t really know…) They’re all really cheap with silly designs on them, but nevertheless, they make makeup so much more fun…!

We all got that Company magazine where we got the free cute makeup bag didn’t we?! Aw, I got the classic spotty one, but it doesn’t really fit much in…Oh well!

I got this other multi-coloured makeup bag free with a set of Boots…Stuff…I don’t even know, a while back, and I kept the bag, because look at that cute cupcake zip!

No idea where I got this mahoosive flowery makeup bag from…But it’s so good for keeping all my makeup in, and especially for travelling and using it as a makeup/travel/wash bag! It’s also got a pretty pattern…I’m a sucker for anything with a floral print…

This stripy number is my on-the-go makeup bag, when I just need to pop some makeup in my hand-bag, or when I go to school! I got this free with some Soap and Glory products, so it comes in handy!

Who else has stacks of pointless makeup bags like me?! Time for a clear-out, or do you also like them as funny little things to display…?

Tallulah xoxo


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