Summer wardrobe essentials.

009Hey lovelies! I recently got involved in taking part in Kirsty‘s series of guest posts, and I thought I’d just share the post with you just in case you hadn’t seen it! Also, go check out Kirsty’s blog, who’s I did the post for, and I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing the post on here! As you’ll see at the beginning of the post, I was so honoured to be a part of her blog, as her blog is genuinely one of my favourites! So here it is, and I just copied and pasted it (apart from the little intro)!

1. The playsuit: Any types of playsuits/jumpsuits/all-in-ones…Whatever you call it are perfect for these summer months, as they’re so easy to just pop on whenever you’re feeling lazy and hot, and they don’t mean having to pick out different bits of clothing! This one is from Primark, and I love how it reminds you a bit of sailors with the cute collar and button detailing! This one is also puffy which looks girlish and cute, and it also looks a lot like denim…Which is always a plus when it’s actually so much lighter than denim! Such nifty little things to get your little mitts on!

2. The slouchy knit: It’s too hot to wear heavy layering cardigans, and your old knitted jumper, so one of these thin slouchy knits it perfect for chucking over a cute dress or outfit when you’re hurrying out the door. This one’s from Oasis, and was a great find from a local swish (clothes swap) that I went to…It was brand new! See? You never know what you’ll find when hunting around for bargains!

3. The skater skirt: Okay, I’d say this is a must…Seriously, this beauty is great for going out in the evenings, and not wanting some big dress on that will make you melt! I like the plain black ones that you can find at H&M (cute zip detailing is a plus!) And I just like to pair it with a simple tee during the day, or at night with a cute blazer!

4. The over-sized tee: Any baggy plain tees are super-cute and totally say ‘minimal effort, maximum impact’. Go crazy with brights, or tone it down for a girly pastel hue…Whatever your style, these are the bomb-diggity. This one I found cheap at Primark!

5. The simple dress: Any simple dresses are great for summer nights, or just for during the day. This one from H&M is so cute with timeless stripes, and little puffy sleeves and buttons down the middle. The cinched in waist and puffy skirt make curves look amazing…Add a floral headband to complete the look!

6. The cropped tee: Any cropped tees are obviously great for summer and getting a bit of skin showing! I’m not that into the tight cropped tees, as I don’t love my stomach too much, so this one from Primark which just falls into place nicely is perfect for hiding that fact! I also love pairing them with chunky gold jewellery, or maybe just opt for a tee that has a cute slogan or motif on it!

I suppose I just love H&M and Primark this summer! What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

Tallulah xo


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