130414-183403Hey lovelies! I’m actually off to Mallorca tomorrow, so I won’t be posting for about two weeks, so I’m really sorry about that, as I won’t be taking my laptop with me…Just my books! But the tradition for a Sunday post is in order, so let’s get going with this! Oh yeah…You know the last Sunday post I said I wouldn’t get a tan when I went to the beach?…Well…I actually did get a little bit of a tan…! *WOOO!!!*

Monday: Me and my friend just chilled all day watching movies, scrapbooking and doing pilates. Lauren then came round and we spent the afternoon watching youtube videos…Our life. Lauren then went home, and Amber stayed round, watching movies such as Harry Potter (6) and Whip it.

Tuesday: Me and Amber then spent the next day shopping and gazing at the beach. I needed a bikini so we searched the whole city, and then found a cute one at Topshop! FINALLYYY!!! *HOLLAAA*

Wednesday: Chilled. Chilled. And chilled.

Thursday: Megan stayed over in the evening…We gossiped, ate chocolate and watched films…Just your normal girly sleepover!

Friday: Me and the family then travelled to a mystical land called my Grandparent’s house, where we found food, food and food. Oh, and maybe some more of my family…

Saturday: Yesterday was such a good day, spent swimming and playing tennis (we really can’t play tennis) at Ellie’s house, along with the lovely Tasha…Yes, I know you’re reading this…Haha;)

Sunday: Today I plan just to spend the day packing for the family adventure tomorrow, and watching some more Harry Potter…

Have a good two weeks, and I pinky promise I’ll be back soon!

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

5 Seconds of Summer: Out of My Limit

Pacific Air: Move

Hunter Hayes: I Want Crazy

Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar: Thinking About You

Jessie J: Wild

Ludovico Einaudi: Experience

Santigold: L.E.S. Artistes

Cee Lo Green: Scream

The Stiff Dylans: Ultraviolet

Oh Atoms: Sugar Mouse


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