Day and night fragrances.

018Hey lovelies! Been a while hasn’t it…I just got back from Mallorca a few days ago, and ahhh, it was bliss! So hot, so sunny…So relaxing, and then I got back to England and was like ‘humphhh, what to to do with rain and grey skies?!’ I still thought I could prance around in just shorts and tees, but oh no…Anyway, I thought I’d start with this little post to slowly come back into blogging…Hoorayyy!

Day fragrances:

Gilly Hicks-Apple Orchid: This body mist is so sweet and perfect for the Summer months, I think you could say it was my friend’s fault for buying this, as she bought two (including this one), and there was a 3 for 2 offer, so she practically made me…Excuses excuses, I know…

Natural Collection-Apple&Lime: This was a gift to me a while back, and it’s actually nearly run out which is a shame, but ahhh, it’s actually a really great find, as it’s cheap and smells great!

Stella McCartney-Stella: This is by far one of my faves. My mum didn’t seem to like this, so I suppose if you’re not too into girly, sweet fragrances, then this isn’t for you, but I adore it! It’s so classy and chic.

015Night fragrances:

Elizabeth Arden-Splendor: I know a lot of people find this a sort of granny-ish brand and scent, but I love Elizabth Arden, and the scent is just lovely, mature and sweet. I love to wear it on special occasions, as it’s so lasting, and I get lots of compliments!

FCUK-Connect for her: I was so excited when I got given this as a Christmas present, and my expectations were definitely high…I wasn’t let down one bit! Sweet and strong, this is great for nights out!

Karl Lagerfeld-Sun, Moon, Stars: Ohhh you’ve heard me rave about this for yonks, so I expect I don’t really need to go into detail! Definitely my signature scent.

A bit rambly I know, and sometimes it feels like I’m in an advert! Sorry if it feels like I’m always trying to make you but them, but it’s because they’re so damn good, and I just love them! Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of knowledge scents-wise too…

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

Baby Bee: High heel leather boots

Penelope Austin: A place to call home

St. Lucia: Before the dive

Kanye West ft. Dwele: Power

Iggy Pop: Lust for life

Stevie Wonder: Sir duke

Frank Turner: The way I tend to be

Bloc Party: One more chance

Skylar Grey: Invisible

Chris Brown: Don’t judge me



  1. Kavi said:

    Hey honey, hope u had a good hol! Nominated you for the versatile blogger award by the way!x

    • Aw thankyou lovely!:) Made my day! I hope you’re also having a good holiday:)x

      • Kavi said:

        Aw you’re welcome! ❤ Yeah I am thank you!xx

  2. Angela said:

    I’ve never bothered with day/night splits in perfume–I am rubbish at being a girl–but I do love that Apple & Lime one from the Natural Collection. So fresh and invigorating on one of those ‘I’m still half asleep’ mornings.

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