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1383733_451539418287958_492984069_nHey lovelies! Today’s post will occur of some cute little bookies that I’ve recently read…No idea why I said cute…I’m ill, and I think it’s making me mad.

So The Little White Horse and The Help were two books that I read whilst on holiday, and they both took me quite a while to get into. It may be because I’ve watched the films (The Secret of Moonacre, and duh, The Help). I love both films, and so I knew what the books would be like, so maybe it was because I wasn’t as interested in reading them, as I’d watched the films before…(I watch them regularly, as they’re so darn good.) But as I carried on reading them, I definitely got into them, and basically finished them…And wanted more! (Especially The Help…Masterpiece.)

Gone Girl was also a book that I read whilst on holiday, and OMGOMGOMG this is like, the best book EVER!!! I even got my mum to read it. Yup. I never really read mystery books, even though I blooming love ’em (Skulduggery, I have you in mind…), and this was just the icing to my cake…(Hmmm…?) It was just utterly amazing, full of twists and turns, and it ended up being a completely different story then I expected…

‘Okay, hey Alexa. Hey. I love you.’ (I ripped open my amazon package, and squealed with excitement at this book). ‘It’ is full of wonders. Alexa (Chung) talks about all her inspirations, her must-have pieces, everything about her, and tips to survive in the fashion world. So inspirational, and full of amazing pictures, that make me wanna rip ’em out and plaster them all over my room…(but I shan’t, obvs, I mean, just look at that beautiful book.) I read it basically this morning, and no wonder…I just couldn’t stop reading it!

Tallulah xoxo

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130929-142730Hey lovelies! I don’t have much to say about my week, apart from the fact that I had a half day and inset day at school, and that I went to a little party thing. I don’t even have any webcam pictures to update you with, so today’s post will just be about an issue that I would like to discuss…

I was watching Fabulous Fashionistas over on Channel 4 (check it out omg, so inspiring!), and one woman was seeing if anyone from the fashion industry, or any fashion magazines, would take her in to do some modelling for them. Now, this woman was quite old, yes, but so very beautiful, and the fact that they were all saying the same types of things, ‘the fashion world wants a figure to aspire to, and the fashion world don’t want older people in their magazines, blablabla’, and I thought it was disgusting. I would love older woman in magazines that I read! I’d love to aspire to be a brilliant, wonderful woman when I’m older…And just look at Twiggy! She’s still going with her modelling, so why can’t any other older woman join in?! Especially as they were basically bringing this woman down, and in a way, offending her. (Well, I know that if I was in her shoes, I’d be offended!) I really do think that just being old, and growing old isn’t something to frown upon, and that it really isn’t something to be worried about, or to hate it. It’s just life, and all life is beautiful, and in the end, she only really wanted to ask if she could do the modelling, to see what people’s perception of older woman, and older people in general, were. It’s really nothing to be scared of, and I don’t understand it. Instead we choose to have airbrushed woman, who we apparently ‘aspire’ to be like on the front of our covers…I don’t know, it just annoys me…

What do you think? Do you agree, or disagree with me?

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! Today’s second post occurs of numerous items that I picked up over the Summer, and a few things that I’ve also recently got…Just a reminder, these are things from ages ago, and over the Summer that I bought at different times, but have only just put them into a haul post for you all! So yes, there is quite a bit, but I’m not trying to brag at all, and if you don’t like hauls then just click off now!:)001

  • So I bought this backpack from SoulCal as my school bag, and it really is perfect! It fits everything in there…Apart from the fact that the popper keeps coming undone *ughhh*.
  • This other bag used to be my mum’s, but she was clearing out some of her old stuff, and asked if I’d like it, and I jumped at the chance! It’s such a lovely simple bag, and seems perfect for any occasion.
  • This belt either belonged to my mum or dad…I can’t remember, but you can see how it’s been used for a long time by all the scratch marks on the metal! I really needed a new belt, and thought this was ideal for the job.
  • When I went to the London bloggy meet-up I bought this chunky gold necklace (I know, kinda mainstream, but oh well) from Topshop, and oh, how I’m in love! It goes with everything and anything, and really jazzes up an outfit.
  • You can’t really see the flower crown in the picture, sorry, but it’s just a cute little headband with flowers and leaves stuck on with a few beads in the middle, and it’s gorgeous! It’s from Accessorize, so obviously it’s a keeper.
  • I was browsing ebay and found this gorgeous little hair clip with little flowers and gold detailing, and just knew I had to have it…Especially as it was so cheap, and they normally cost loads if you go to a shop!
  • I got these two bracelets when I was in Mallorca on holiday, and how sweet are they?! The little yellow one is my favourite, and was a gift from someone that we were staying with, and I also love the blue one with the little bobble ties on the end…And don’t forget the studs!
  • One Day is one of my all-time favourite films ever, and it always will be.


  • I was in such a hurry to take these pictures, that you can hardly even see anything in this one, as it’s all so dark *grrr*.:( But oh well, I got harem pants! My mum gave me her old ones as some comfy bottoms for lazing around at home, or to use as pjs.
  • I also got a plain, cropped boyfriend tee from Primark when I went shopping with Megan, and I wear it all the time.
  • I found this long/short (whatever) sleeved tee on ebay, and it’s got a sweet, little tied knot at the end on the side, to give it some shape!
  • And on to the classic blogger skort I found on ebay…Such a simple, elegant piece, and the cut is perfect! I wore it all the time on holiday.
  • How cute is this bag from Gap?! My mum got it for me as a little treat for the beach, and ohhh, it’s so sweet! The little sunglasses and bright colours really put me in a good mood!


  • Color Tattoos from Maybelline are making a big breakthrough in the beauty world…And I can definitely see why! This was my first try at them (I bought it when I went shopping with Megan), and ohmygiddygumdrops, how beautiful on and on bronze is! Just go test it out…!
  • I got quite a few bits and bobs when I went to the London bloggy meet-up again, and bought this Simple moisturiser (my all-time favourite!), Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 001 (such a beautiful colour), Falsies mascara from Maybelline (omgomgomg), and one of Rimmel’s black kohl eyeliners, as I needed a new one!
  • I got this double sided eyeliner from Company magazine, and I was really impressed by the liquid eyeliner! My cousin also really liked it, and wouldn’t stop re-applying it! *Ugh*.;) I didn’t like the pencil side though…It was a real let down when the nib snapped off.
  • This Bumble and Bumble (BB) Thickening hairspray is ah-mazing! Seriously, after straightening my hair, I sprayed this into my roots at the back, to give it some lift and hold…And I could feel that straight away it felt instantly voluminous and lifted! I got it free with Elle, and I’m so happy about it!
  • This is an angel tangle teasing brush, which was a gift from my grandma, as she wouldn’t stop ranting on about how amazing it is! And I can assure you…It is AMAZING! It’s basically the same as the super-hyped up tangle teezers…But the shape, and look of it is so much more cuter! Come on! Little angel wings on a brush?!;)

Tallulah xoxo



Hey lovelies! Okay, so I’m sat on my brother’s bedroom floor at the moment, after doing some work-outs (my brother actually has room to move about in, instead of my cluttered space), searching for clothes and what-not on my laptop, and I came across a few worthy lust-ables…I actually think they’d make a brilliant outfit if they were paired together…But anyway, I think I’m going to get back into my warm bed, as my feet are now turning into blocks of ice…

PicMonkey CollageThe creepers: Come on, doesn’t everyone own a pair of creepers?! Such a classic trend at the moment, and perfect for those days when you just want to be comfy, but want to jazz it up a bit with the little studs!

The oversized sweatshirt: Omg, okay let me try and contain my excitement for this one…JUST LOOK AT IT. Superheroes are all everyone’s talking about, and because we’re now falling into autumn (fall…Hahaha falling into fall…;)), we all need to get our hands on a comfy knit for this season, so this is perfect! Also, as it’s quite a monochrome, dark outfit, the yellow really pops, and gives off some fun colour!

The chunky carrier: I spotted this on Accessorize’s website, and I straight away fell in love! And okay…It’s now gone down from £45, to £13.50…OHMYGOODYGUMDROPS. The stag is a perfect way to add some sparkle, and seriously, if I hadn’t already got a new bag recently, then this would be straight in the shopping basket…

The floaty skater: This is another essential…Especially for a/w! In the colder months, add some tights and a cute wrap-around, and transition this piece for warmer months, by just adding a floaty tee and some converse!

Tallulah xoxo

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Hey lovelies! I thought that I’d do a sort of little inspiration post today, all about films that basically have the best fashion…Ever. These films have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone (just look at Clueless, and all the tartan that pops up!) and have made basically an impact on me…Wooaah, an impact;) And I’ve just been seriously lusting over all the beautiful dresses (Breakfast at Tiffany’s for example) and that cute blue eye shadow in Moonrise Kingdom…But anyway, let’s stop rambling now, and I’ll get straight into it!



So as I said, look at that tartan…This quirky film all about young teenage girls growing up, and trying to ‘fit in’ and stay on trend every day (by using their clothes matcher machine obvs), and it really does kick up a spark in the wardrobe department for me…Big hats, little skirts…’Yep, he’s definitely a Baldwin…’

Moonrise Kingdom:


Oh my goodness, asdfghjkl *eeep!* This is absolutely one of my favourite films of all time…Wes I love you. The storyline is perfect, and just hilarious. ‘I’m going out to chop a tree, I’ll be round back…’ Humourous, and full of 60s inspired fashion…Look up Orla Kiely’s 2014 collection for some inspo on dressing like Moonrise Kingdom goddess Suzy…Just look at those knee-high socks, and the cute dress with little cuffed sleeves!



Grease…Ahhh Grease, one of the best musicals of all time in my opinion! This has always been such a classic, and one of my all-time favourite films…Sandy is just flawless, and Danny is perfect! The clothes and the singing add just that little sparkle of high-school glamour, and it turns out to be a roller-coaster of a ride…

The Devil Wears Prada:


I have this on DVD for when I’m feeling ill, or I’m in need of a pick-me-up…It always makes me feel better, and Anne Hathaway is just excellent…Not to mention Meryl Streep! It shows how some magazine companies, and the fashion world as a whole, can be a tough, hard industry to work for, but in the end…It all turns out well for Andy…Watch it and see!;) Obviously we get to see millions of clothes and designers…So yes, a big dream come true!;)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s:


Okay, now this is a keeper. This is probably one of the most iconic films for fashion that there is…And this is obviously because the one and only Audrey is in it.;) Not to mention James Dean…! Her jewellery is amazing (not to mention those sunnies!), and the film is so elegant, and glamorous, that you really do feel like a movie star just watching it…

Coco Before Chanel:


Chanel. Just that one word and you know that this film has just got to be good. (Woops, I nearly put food instead of good…I must be hungry…Wait a sec…) *Fifteen minutes later.* Anyway, yes, I watched this beautiful French film on LoveFilm a while back, and fell in love! It’s all about Coco’s struggles, and her journey to fame, and how she entered into the gorgeous, brilliant fashion world with a fierce spark…I bring you…Coco Chanel.

500 Days Of Summer:

500 Days of Summer 2_0Source

This film is just the cutest. Zooey’s dresses, and cute bangs are what makes the film utterly amazing and perfect and *lalala*…And just look at Joe’s tee…It says ‘Love will tear us apart’…Just the cutest! Such a sweet film of the 500 days that Summer and Tom spent together, and their ups and downs…The perfect chick flick!

My Week With Marilyn:


Sorry, I now feel like I’m reviewing each film instead of just talking about the fashion aspects of it, but come on, these films are brilliant, and I do sometimes get overwhelmed at just HOW brilliant they are…! I’ll try a bit harder not to review this film though…Anyway, so look who it is…Michelle Williams as Marilyn! I didn’t even realise how much they actually do look alike! I think that Scarlett Johansson looks a bit like her too…But anyway, off the subject, so yeah, this beautiful, fascinating film is like a little insight into the life of Marilyn from one boy’s eyes, and how he meets the one and only, iconic leading lady, who’s fashion sense was irresistible, and who’s to blame for making Chanel No.5 even more irresistible! Ladies and gents…It’s Marilyn Monroe!

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! Today I just wanted to talk about how much I wished that I went to LFW, and how I searched up loads of shows, and just sat round watching them, wishing I was there…*Boohoo* Anyway, I thought I’d just talk about four designers that really caught my eye…

Ostwald Helgason:


So many playful, vibrant prints thrown into such a beautiful collection of dresses and little shirts! The shapes and cuts of the skirts and shirts made them seem playful and girly…And the shoes were just totally lust-worthy! And come on, did you see that doggy shirt and all those cute shorts?!

Orla Kiely:


ASDFGHJKL as soon as I saw these Orla Kiely pictures EVERYWHERE across the internet, and fashion bloggers were going wild, I really wasn’t surprised, as just LOOK at the beautiful clothing, and back-drop! So 60s, and Moonrise Kigdom-esque…It reminded me of a little Brownies adventure with all the knee-high socks, little shirts and berets!

Sophia Webster:


Sophia Webster’s collection was just jaw-dropping…The back-drop and clothes were so irresistibly cute, and reminded me a bit of Marc Jacobs, as well as the girly up-dos! So crazy, but definitely fabulous, with cute, cheeky poses, and cute little polka-dot designs!

Nasir Mazhar:


Nasir Mazhar’s collection was just full of awesome, creative, sports-luxe inspired pieces, with hints of London street-fashion, and rock and roll coloured hair all thrown into the mix. The clothes seemed fierce, but each of the girls had a little dance whilst they were being photographed, which added a softness to tone it down!

Is anyone else feeling a bit blue that all the LFW madness is over?

Tallulah xoxo



1238290_446820015426565_722454809_nHey lovelies! I’ve had such a hectic week, it’s unreal. Let me just go straight in to it…

Monday – Thursday:

Full on back-to-school work, and so many people’s birthdays…Which leads me onto the next three days…

Friday – Sunday:

It was my birthday on Friday! I turned 15, which is too weird, and creepy, and just asdfghjkl! And so my friends made loads of my teachers sing to me, and just basically humiliated me…Out of love apparently;) I then got back home after missing the bus, and having to walk for ages through my village in the heat, and when I got back, I opened all my lovely little presents! My family then came round for dinner, and afterwards I went out with my friends, and then came back to watch Kick-Ass!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and went busking with my friend at a local hall in my village! I played the cello whilst she played the violin, and we made some cash! I then went back home and got ready to go out again to do some shopping with my money at New Look, some birthday party food shopping (I shall get onto that in a sec), and to also…Get my ears pierced! I came back with a bunch of clothes and nice new earrings, and started getting changed for my little party, and my friends came over for some food, movies and a sleepover!

That leads me onto today…So I woke up to all these people in my house watching films, and then got ready to go busking AGAIN! So I made everyone leave…Haha;) And then went back to the hall along with my guitar this time, to earn some more money! I think I can now pay back all the people I owe money to…Wooops;)

Tallulah xoxo