London bloggy meetup.

Hey lovelies! Asdfghjkl, guess where I went yesterday?! To the lovely Sophie‘s meet-up! We mooched around the London shops, looking at lipstick and muji makeup boxes, and then we went to The Diner in Soho! (Don’t forget the little bit of shopping that was done afterwards!) A bit of mac and a cute little camera shop…(A blogger’s dream!) Here are some of the photos that were taken during the day, and I’m sure many other bloggers will upload photos and blog posts, so you can go check them out, but in the mean time here are some of the piccys I managed to get hold of, and some of the wonderful bloggy peeps I met!

BS_2h8RIcAAIZh3.jpg largeOutside The Diner, waiting for the others! *Hurry up Sophie, you’re missing your own meetup lunch…!;)*

Credits to Jaye.

L-R: Becca, Me, Megan, Sophie, Tanja, Holly, Thalia, Kimberley, Sophie, Perdi.

BTACoBGIMAEhA4C.jpg largeIn The Diner waiting for munchies!

Credits to Jaye.

1274017_435405433234690_1107289351_oMe and the lovely Perdi, Megan and Sophie! (Wonderful background don’tcha think?;))

DSC_0413Me and the lovely Megan and Tanja! I.want.their.clothes.

Credits to Tanja.

2Me and the wonderful Megan. Sorry that it’s such bad quality! (You can find it on my instagram in better quality: @simplytallulah)

1Me and the wonderful Sophie. Sorry that it’s such bad quality! (You can find it on my instagram in better quality: @simplytallulah)

3Me and the wonderful Tanja!

4Me and the wonderful Thalia! (Hey there Tanja!;))

5Munchies time!

7Me, Becca and Megan! (I’m in love with both of their blogs!)

Credits to Becca.

DSC_0112Me and Charlotte! (Been a fan of her blog forever!)

Credits to Sophie.

DSC_0119The whole gang! (My head peeping out over there haha!)

Credits to Sophie.

001Me and Megan on our way to the meet-up!




006& Other Stories.

007& Other Stories.

010& Other Stories.





016My little shopping group!

L-R: Sophie, Becca, Sophie, Thalia, Me, Tanja, Megan.

Aw I had a lovely time, and met and made some lovely bloggerino friends (need to see some of them soon!) Sorry that the photos are in a bit of a random order…But nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Tallulah xoxo

  1. It was lovely meeting you! I love the picture of the two of us and no closed eyes 😉

    • Aw thankyou! You too! We should definitely do it again some time:’) Aw me too! Hahaha:’) Omg that was hilariousxDxoxo

  2. Sophie said:

    It was so nice to meet you 🙂 a really good day 🙂 x

    • Aw thankyou yes! Was such a good day, and was so lovely meeting you too!:’)xoxo

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