130826-171703Hey lovelies! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday! I was working, but I thought I’d still update you on my life…Even if it can be rather boring;) It was also my 1 year bloggiversary on Saturday, and this is in fact my 200th post! So wooo!!!


I met up with Megan and we did a little photoshoot of our outfits (Pushin on) We then chilled out and watched Sucker Punch, because we felt cool like that. (The picture at the top is, yes, of us two pulling silly faces…;))


I can’t even remember what I did, so it can’t have been too exciting…My mind is like a goldfish.


I helped out with my little brother’s birthday party, and my friend came round, and we were both little slaves for the day, preparing food, and nearly being hit by footballs in the head…


A work day. All I can really say…Just work.


I was also working on Friday, but I got to take my little brother to the new park near us, which was cute.


I had such a lovely time at Sophie‘s London bloggy meetup! Check out my previous post for all the lovely gossip! (Haul coming soon…;))


I was such a lazy bum that I spent the morning sleeping and staring at my computer wishing it was Saturday still! But then I had to pay off for it in the afternoon, doing work…But I got to watch a few sneaky films too! (10 things I hate about you, (yaryaryar) and The devil wears prada)

What did you do this fine week? Oooh and you’re lucky, as I’m going to be posting another post later (about 5 o ‘clock maybe?!) So you’ll have 3 posts today, as I felt a bit bad about not posting for the last few days! (You lucky people;))

Tallulah xoxo



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