The magazines.


Hey lovelies! This is gonna be a quicken, as I actually just want to go to sleep, but I also really want to do this…So yay! This post is going to be all about my favourite magazines, and just some quick reviews and recommendations!

Instyle: I’m currently subcribed to Instyle, and I can’t say I’m disappointed! I got the subscription as a gift last year for my birthday, and along with the magazine came my one and only…REN Glycolactic Renewal Mask! (Such a beauty!) I sit there poring through all the pages, making me want to spendspendspend…(GRRR!) and obviously because of the title it’s all about style and fashion, along with a few bits of beauty which I love!

Company: Ahhh this is a keeper! Such a cute little magazine along with awesome freebies (put your hands up for the cute little makeup pouches!) and full of bloggy business, beauty, diys, craftiness, artsy-fartsy bits and of course…FASHIONNN! I’m in love.

Elle: I love the new Elle, the magazine has been redone, and I love the new lay-out! Full of fashion that you can pore over for hours, and little pages about Cara (yep, I love her). This is seriously a little treasure of a mag! The Bumble&Bumble hairspray freebie is my new fave thing!

Teen Vogue: Like Vogue…But with more gossip and cute interviews on young teen celebs! Fashion and beauty is mixed in and all I want to do is stare at those Chloe Grace Moretz Aeropostale adverts…(I also love her too…Just saying).

Vogue: The one, the only…Vogue. I always seem to need one of these in my life…Even if I’m just reading some snippets of interviews on their webby-blog, or just poring over those Prada shoes amidst their pages…I lovelovelove Vogue in my life! Interviews with designers, back-stage insights…What’s not to love?!

Red: Red is my go-to for cosying up on the couch with a mug of tea, and just reading all the reviews on books, films, music and reading about cooking or travelling. I also love reading all the real-life stories whether they be sad or inspiring, and obvs the fashion and beauty bits…;)

Tallulah xoxo

  1. I love Elle! It’s my favorite magazine of all time, but I have never owned a Vogue, so maybe that’s why 🙂

    • Aw yep! Elle and Vogue are definitely my favourites! Aw you should try Vogue! Ahhh I lavvv it!:’)xoxo

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