A quick moody teen ramble.

25031_318721884903046_1597040886_nHey lovelies! I feel so nostalgic and *yayaryar* and my mind keeps flowing and thinking up such strange weird things, and awesome, but freaky scenarios. I keep wanting to, ya know, DO something, but my body can’t bare getting up, and I just want to sleep because I feel so tired. The holidays are nearly over, and that makes me super-duper sad, and I don’t understand how it’s gone so fast…I wasted away my days sitting on tumblr and twitter, and that makes me feel guilty…Like, why didn’t I go out and just discover new places, or do more outfit taking, or sit on twisted trees and just read? I should of just baked, like, a rainbow cake and then had a food fight, and sat around trying to look cute watching titanic and crying my eyes out…

I wish I lived in Monki, and then I could wear all their pwetty clothes and feel super awesome, and then go to Brick Lane or Brighton, or some place, in some ombre/tie-dye shirt, singing on my guitar the words to ‘Blackbird’. I should have done more video taking, and gone swimming in a lake. I should of messed around with some hair dye and ear piercings, and just dyed and pierced my ears…(Sort of glad I didn’t pierce them…) I should have just done loads more arts-y farts-y things, like diy-ing and decorating my room with cut-outs of Cara, but I suppose I did get to go to Mallorca which was a plus…

SUMMER’S OVER, (well for me!) NOOO!!!

Tallulah xoxo

  1. I totally know your feeling! The summer is always over before you even start to enjoy it. All the things you wanted to do sounds like so much fun, living in Monki and going to Brick Lane 😉


    • Haha:’) Yep, definitely want to live in Monki:’)xoxo

  2. allie said:

    I feel the exact same, ugh! Maybe next Summer eh?
    Thank you for the follow, it’s much appreciated 🙂

    • Aw haha definitely must do more next summer haha!:’) Aw that’s okay! I love your blog!:’o xoxo

  3. So glad we went to Monki on the meet up day, had never been before but will definitely go back. And don’t worry you still have time to do those things you wanted to do, but just at another time. Maybe in the next holidays write yourself a list or something to motivate yourself 🙂 x

    • Yes! Definitely! Haha, just being a moody teenager;)xoxo

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