Bath time.

1264869_437159593059274_1472733675_oHey lovelies! Sorry about the cringe-y/weird/lol-able title, but I didn’t really know what to put as a title for a sort of ‘bath favourites’ post…Bath favourites seems even more weird, as it’s not really a bath favourites post, but a sort of post about what I’m using at the moment and trying out, so in a way this is a sort of review on some bath products! So yep, let’s just keep rambling on and on…

*10 minutes later* Okay, so let’s hop to it…Bath (sorta) favourites…

The Shampoo and Conditioner Duo:

I’m such an Aussie girl, I love anything and everything in their range! At the moment I’ve been using the new Miracle Shine Shampoo, and this is great! My hair never feels greasy afterwards, and always feels very fresh and soft, and always smells great! Same as the conditioner, which really does soften the ends of my hair, and helps keep them de-tangled! (Miracle Moist Conditioner).

The Body Wash, Scrub and Butter Trio:

I got this cute trio set of Cranberry Extracts products from Boots a while back, and never even tried them out really, until now…I had the odd use of the body butter, but now I’m properly using them and loving them! They really nourish my skin…And I smell of cranberries which is great!:’)

The Facial Wash:

It is, and probably always will be the Simple facial wash…It’s just the best at cleansing my skin, and making it feel a lot more refreshed and soft! It is quite drying, so if you have quite dry skin, I wouldn’t really advise on it, but as I have teenage/combination/oily skin, then this is great!

Tallulah xoxo


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