I heart your clothes.

Hey lovelies! I decided to do a series of posts (well, two posts to be precise, haha…) about…

1. Who’s clothes I heart (which is this post!)

2. Who’s make-up I heart (coming soon!)

So shall I get in to it then?! Wooo!

dawg 0051. rose and vintage: Ellie’s outfit is so effortless, but totally cute as a button. The setting is also super perf, and her sunnies, shoes and over-sized shirt shout at me: BUY! Her levi shorts, minimalist jewellery and tee make the look super casual, but still totally chic.

Untitled-42. Ellies favourite things: Ellie’s outfits are always super girly, with certain elements to toughen it up…In this case the harley davidson tee shouts, ‘ya gurls, i’m super tough, come at me.’, but then her sweet shoes and cute circle skirt definitely bring it down to a minimalism. I like how she popped on a casual cardigan, and not such a bright ‘look at me!’ one, as that would just destroy the purpose of this outfit.

1znmwlj3. Beautycrush: Sammi’s style is always super chic and trendy, and never too over the top. Her laid-back style definitely lets me focus on great basic pieces to invest in, and how to make a minimalism look work! Her summery outfit, may not be able to work now…(Booo, i see rainy skies right now out of my window:(!), but this look will forever work for a lazy hot day with the sandals, mom shorts and flowy shirt.

fashioncoolture-08-09-2013-look-du-jour-motel-rocks-vateno-playsuit-blazer-14. fashion coolture: Flávia’s look here is classic. So girly with all the mish-mash of blue and white print, making the look flawless. It’s very lady-like, but has certain young, fun elements, such as the cute, bold sunglasses.

spacejam 15. briar rose: Megan’s look is so elegant here, ahhh, I’m quite shy from big prints, and cute, girly pieces, but I’ve always admired people who can pull off such awesome pieces, such as this skirt here, and look at that jam-tart ring! Her top is very simple and plain, making sure all the attention is on the skirt, and even the red lip, but the cute collar and sleeves still make it ultra lust-worthy in my case.

tumblr_mqcv35AX2A1qefhxso1_12806. V.E.: I love Violet’s look here. I know you can’t even really see it…Haha, (I loved the photography here so much so I had to use it, but go check out her blog for her full post!) But as you can see, her simple wide-brimmed hat and top give off a very laid-back, but elegant vibe, along with her added denim jacket! (You all know much of a sucker I am for them!)

DSCF69697. TIE-DYE-EYES: Allie took inspiration from Chloe Sevigny for this outfit, and it’s so gorgeous! So simple and easy to re-create with the shorts, shirt and cute boots, but the blazer adds a hint of masculinity, along with the feminine pieces to mix it up! (Floral headband and bright bag all the way!)

9696470864_7ce0143ee4_z8. What Olivia Did…: Olivia’s outfit is perf. She’s so elegant, and this look is as though a fairy-tale character has jumped right out of a book! Look at the candy-floss coloured flowing dress and matching fluffy, light-weight jumper! How simple is that?! So flawless, I must say! The bouffant hair and lippie are classic additions, and the heels and sunnies are so cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and agreed that these lovely ladies are some of the most stylish in the blogosphere…Yep, I said it.;)

Tallulah xoxo

  1. hello, i think your blog is fabulous!! x

  2. allie said:

    thank you so so so so so much for featuring me in this, it means a lot!


    • Aw that’s okay lovely! I just HAD to include you!:’)xoxo

  3. Kaftans said:

    How I love the combination of lovely dresses and scenic surroundings. You don’t only dress well, you have that photogenic thingy in you too as well.

    • Aw haha, it’s not actually me in any of these photos, but they definitely do!xoxo

    • Aw thankyou so much lovely!:’) That means a lot!xoxo

  4. Discovered some amazing reads from this post, thanks a lot! 🙂

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