969656_392758917499342_566147323_nHey lovelies! Time for another little Sunday post, and look what I found?! A little throwback from when me and Megan were photoshooting our outfit posts together! (I’ve made my mind up.)


Did absolutely nothing, apart from the odd bit of art and taking my brother to the park, just getting ready for school!


Arghhh back to school! Was quite a hectic day, with new teachers, and the fact that it was swelteringly hot! But all in all, a good start to a new school year, apart from the fact that they keep thinking that I’m wearing lipstick, even though it’s just tinted lip balm…! (Revlon lip butter in 063 Wild Watermelon is not lipstick…)


So, another day in school, and thank goodness it wasn’t as hot as the day before, but it was raining, which was even more of a drag, especially for my hair, ugh! But it ended well, with my friend’s birthday party, and just playing silly old school games like ‘catch the flag’, ‘the chocolate game’ and ‘twister’!


THE BEST DAY. Me and seven of my friends all went paintballing! I’ve been before, so I knew what to expect, and ohemgee, it was scary, but so much fun! I really recommend going, but we had no chest protection, as there was none left (UNFAIRS, GOSH WE’RE GIRLS!), and I ended up with millions of cuts and bruises, and paint all over me! There were some really sexist guys, which made me angry, so I got quite a few of them out, and ugh, some guy even made me surrender whilst I nearly got this guy out! Grrr, but ohhh how I’m aching today! Gosh, you can’t of imagined how amazing a bath was last night!


Today just occurs of reading in bed (the help and instyle!), watching dark shadows (gracie all the way!), doing some ultra-boring homework, recovering from bruises (ouchie!) and blogging!

How are you spending today?

Tallulah xoxo

  1. aha sounds like a fun time at paintballing, especially getting the guys that were being idiots! I went a few years ago for the first time! x

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