I heart your makeup.

Hey lovelies! Time for part deux of my ‘I heart…’ series! Are you excited?! Well you should be…;)

1. Holly Arabella: Holly Arabella’s blog is the best place to be if you’re a beauty geek like me…Filled with reviews on Essie nail polishes and Mac goodies, I can’t get enough of it!

hair32. Zoella: Zoe has always been one of my favourite beauty and fashion gurus…I’ve been watching her videos and reading her blog for yonks! Aw, I laaave her hair so much, and her beauty essentials are something to really lust after!

6a00d8341cf2ef53ef019aff4e740c970b-640wi3. the Flying Saucer: I know Selina’s blog is more fashion based, (which I lovelovelove) but oh my, her skin is perfect, and her make-up is always flawless…And have you seen those nails?!

4. The Sunday Girl: Adrienne’s little space on the internet is quickly gaining hard-core followers…And it’s not surprising why! Full of new collection insights, and the latest beauty brands packing a punch…She’s seriously not one to miss!

15. impatience is a virtue: I recently met the wonderful Holly at Sophie’s meet-up last month…(Click here for the post all about it!) I didn’t really get much of a chance to have a little chat, but I found her blog from her awesome bloggy card, and got hooked straight away! I’m so jealous of all her lipsticks and nail varnishes, that it seems to be making my wishlist go up and up every time she reviews anything!

DSCF8108_zps537848706. YOURALMOSTALICE: Natalie’s blog is always making me think that I need everything that she owns…E.g. Her bronzers and red lippies…! My go-to for cute reviews and everything beauty!

7. miss makeup magpie: Gemma’s blog is full of beautiful lipsticks and eyeshadow reviews…You want a new make-up item? Click onto Gemma’s website for the best picks of the pack!

me8. couturegirl: Kayleigh’s blog is a real gem. Full of fashion bits, beauty reviews, hauls and monthly favourites…Great if you like a bit of everything!

I hope you liked this last post in this little series! Go check out their lovely blogs, and I hope you agree that they’re make-up bags really are chock-full of amazing products…I may need to update that wishlist…Yet again;)

Tallulah xoxo


  1. This is a really sweet post – some favourite bloggers and some new-to-me reads! 🙂

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