The sun don’t shine without you.

Hey lovelies! I wore this outfit the other day, and decided to take a few pictures! I was having quite a lazy day, and it was raining on and off, so I thought just some leggings and comfy boots would do with the rest of the outfit…Even if the bottom half does look a bit too dark and sort of merging into one…Haha, oh well.;)

008 012 018 021 022Boots – Forever 21 // Leggings – Unknown // Denim jacket – Calvin Klein // Top – Kaliko // Necklace – Topshop

I bought this necklace when I went to the bloggy meet-up, and I love it! It just goes with most outfits that I wear when I feel like I just need…Something else…Ya know?! It just adds a bit of a spark to an outfit, and I also love this top that I’ve been wearing non-stop…(Okay, I have washed it, just so you know;)), as I just love the little pattern! And of course I’m wearing my trusty old jacket…Of course.;)

Tallulah xoxo


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