1238290_446820015426565_722454809_nHey lovelies! I’ve had such a hectic week, it’s unreal. Let me just go straight in to it…

Monday – Thursday:

Full on back-to-school work, and so many people’s birthdays…Which leads me onto the next three days…

Friday – Sunday:

It was my birthday on Friday! I turned 15, which is too weird, and creepy, and just asdfghjkl! And so my friends made loads of my teachers sing to me, and just basically humiliated me…Out of love apparently;) I then got back home after missing the bus, and having to walk for ages through my village in the heat, and when I got back, I opened all my lovely little presents! My family then came round for dinner, and afterwards I went out with my friends, and then came back to watch Kick-Ass!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and went busking with my friend at a local hall in my village! I played the cello whilst she played the violin, and we made some cash! I then went back home and got ready to go out again to do some shopping with my money at New Look, some birthday party food shopping (I shall get onto that in a sec), and to also…Get my ears pierced! I came back with a bunch of clothes and nice new earrings, and started getting changed for my little party, and my friends came over for some food, movies and a sleepover!

That leads me onto today…So I woke up to all these people in my house watching films, and then got ready to go busking AGAIN! So I made everyone leave…Haha;) And then went back to the hall along with my guitar this time, to earn some more money! I think I can now pay back all the people I owe money to…Wooops;)

Tallulah xoxo



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