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1383733_451539418287958_492984069_nHey lovelies! Today’s post will occur of some cute little bookies that I’ve recently read…No idea why I said cute…I’m ill, and I think it’s making me mad.

So The Little White Horse and The Help were two books that I read whilst on holiday, and they both took me quite a while to get into. It may be because I’ve watched the films (The Secret of Moonacre, and duh, The Help). I love both films, and so I knew what the books would be like, so maybe it was because I wasn’t as interested in reading them, as I’d watched the films before…(I watch them regularly, as they’re so darn good.) But as I carried on reading them, I definitely got into them, and basically finished them…And wanted more! (Especially The Help…Masterpiece.)

Gone Girl was also a book that I read whilst on holiday, and OMGOMGOMG this is like, the best book EVER!!! I even got my mum to read it. Yup. I never really read mystery books, even though I blooming love ’em (Skulduggery, I have you in mind…), and this was just the icing to my cake…(Hmmm…?) It was just utterly amazing, full of twists and turns, and it ended up being a completely different story then I expected…

‘Okay, hey Alexa. Hey. I love you.’ (I ripped open my amazon package, and squealed with excitement at this book). ‘It’ is full of wonders. Alexa (Chung) talks about all her inspirations, her must-have pieces, everything about her, and tips to survive in the fashion world. So inspirational, and full of amazing pictures, that make me wanna rip ’em out and plaster them all over my room…(but I shan’t, obvs, I mean, just look at that beautiful book.) I read it basically this morning, and no wonder…I just couldn’t stop reading it!

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

James Bay: When we were on fire

Mindy Gledhill: Trouble no more

George Ezra: Benjamin twin

Iggy Azalea ft. T.I.: Change your life

Radical Face: Welcome home

Lauren Aquilina: Fools

Claudia Norris: Where I’ll go

Luke Bryan: That’s my kind of night

Earth, Wind and Fire: September

Grouplove: Hippy hill




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