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#BritishBloggerSelection ButtonHey lovelies! I recently joined the British Blogger Selection, which is a little group that’s been set up by Ellie from¬†Little Vintage Camera. It seemed like such an awesome idea and a great opportunity! It’s also an opportunity to get to know other bloggers a lot more, and the idea behind it is that every week there is a new theme and whether you are a lifestyle, fashion or beauty blogger, you can get involved and write a post about it!

If you’d like to get involved, just contact Ellie with your first name, last name, blog name and blog url, and don’t forget to let me know if you’re taking part!

Click here for more info.

Tallulah xoxo


001 004Hey lovelies! Recently my wonderful grandparents treated me to this perfume from Juicy Couture, and I was so touched that they got it for me! We all found it at this little charity shop in Chichester, and it was completely new and not even un-boxed! It was such a good find, and I dare say this is definitely my favourite scent of the moment!

I’d seen all of the Viva la Juicy adverts across magazine spreads, and the packaging looked so sweet and adorable, yet rather wild, so I was hooked from the start! With the little jewel top, and wrap-around bow, it’s definitely one to show off! Along with the little cute logo, and the popping pink box, it’s probably the most feminine, glamorous perfume I own, and the scent doesn’t disappoint!

It’s quite a bit too floraly for the Winter time, but do I care?! It’s scent is described in this little cute story I found on the Debenhams website:

“One day in a land called Pacoima two nice girls created a Juicy Eau de Parfum that smells like Couture. Then they said -Wait a minute. We want more! It should be haute. It should be couture. But no matter what – it’s got to be Juicy for sure. And that s how they created it. It s the way Juicy girls smell the world when they can t get enough couture.The fragrance has two sides: fun, young and cool with notes of Caramel and Praline; and mature and glamorous with notes of Gardenia and Jasmine.”

It’s rather pricey, but definitely worth it for the longevity of the scent (although I did get mine for about a third of the original price)! I think it’s clear to say that I’m in love with this perfume and thank you so much to my awesome grandparents for treating me with it! The scent is so long lasting, and I get wonderful comments about it, so definitely go check it out! The packaging is so girly and fun, that it definitely won’t disappoint!

Do you own this perfume?

Tallulah xoxo

005 009Hey lovelies! So I eventually gravitated towards the Baby Lips hype, and I can say that I’m actually really happy that I did! I’d seen many a beauty blogger stating that they’d never give in to the hype, and that they hated the consistency and the formula, but also many who loved it, and recommended it!

I’d like to first say that I’m very impressed by how moisturising it is, and about how it’s very creamy and soft once applied. The colour is very buildable and impressive for a tinted lip balm, apart from the fact that it can come across as a bit much, as the colour is quite a popping baby pink, so with a lot on, it can look slightly odd (on me anyway!) It is quite sticky, and if you’re lips aren’t in great condition I wouldn’t advise using this, as the colour may stick to some bits of your lips if your lips are quite dry. Maybe opt for using one of the un-tinted ones which I’ve heard good and bad things about at times when you need more of a nourish! (I haven’t myself tried any of them)

Overall I love this product and I use it every day mixed in with my rather coral Lip Butter from Revlon, just to create a more berry shade which is a lot more suitable for this time of year!

What are your thoughts on the Baby Lips range?

Tallulah xoxo

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010Hey lovelies! So Autumn’s definitely here…No doubt about it! So this means a very big thing for us cold-weather lovers; finally we can drag out all the winter warmers we’ve hid under our beds and in amongst our closets, and hide those scary bathing suits away…

1. Lipsticks: In Winter time, I tend to go towards darker, more wintry shades, and I like to stock up on reds and berry shades!

2. Blushers: In Summer, it’s obviously more suitable for bronzers and more glowy baby pink shades of blush, but now that it’s come into the colder months, I usually gravitate towards pink and slightly darker berry pink shades.

3. Lip glosses: Sticky lip glosses don’t go down too well in the sweaty hot months, so now we can grab our lip glosses, and I like to wear them in the same sorts of shades as lipsticks so that I can put them over the top for more of a shine and glow!

4. Face masks: My skin becomes tired and worn out at Christmas time (especially from all the cake and chocolates!), so my face needs a little pick-me-up from time to time!

5. Creams: We need to make sure our skin is hydrated and fresh, as your skin will tend to lack moisture because of the cold in Winter time, so stock up on moisturisers and creams!

6. Eyeshadows: Dark berry red shades and golds are perfect for the colder months, as they make your eyes pop! Sparkly shades are also a lot more acceptable!

7. Nails: Sparkly shades are a must for Christmas time, as well as nudes, berry shades, reds, blacks, golds and greens! Stay away from neon and coral shades…

8. Lip balms: Just like the moisturisers, we need to make sure our lips are also full of moisture, and aren’t all cracked and dry.

9. Clothes: Now that we can take out the knits and snuggle up by the fire, we need to stock up on cosy jumpers, bottoms and fluffy socks!

10. Candles: Okay, typical blogger alert. Candles are a must for this time of the year! They’re so relaxing and smell amazing (I tend to like the spicy scents a lot more), and it also makes baths so much more relaxing and enjoyable whilst reading a book!

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! So, I was wondering what to post today, when I came across Megan‘s post about her style icons. I immediately had the idea to also do a post on my own style icons, so here goes!

1. Susie Lau from Style Bubble.

CC_2009_0189Susie’s style is genuinely so sweet and breath-taking, that it seems so easy to master, even though it takes me ages to complete a look as effortless as this! She takes such a simple outfit, and provides it with a wacky addition (for example the mesh skirt she’s wearing here) to add more of an edgy approach!

2. Tavi Gevinson from The Style Rookie.

elle-tavi-gevinson-mdnOooh Tavi! Her vibe is all out vintage-ness! Very hippie and girly, but still with that classy touch, making her outfits also as simple as Susie’s, but with more of a Moonrise Kingdom approach!

3. Kayla Hadington.

kayla hadlington fashion clickTo be honest, I only really found Kayla’s blog last month, but oh my! I literally adore it to bits (with a word document titled ‘Kayla’ with all my favourite outfits of hers; Not in a stalkery way…)¬† Punky, edgy, girly, vintage, hippie, chic, wacky, unique and just TOTALLY AWESOME. Her blog provides a sense of absolutely everything!

4. Olivia Palermo.

olivia-palermo2Olivia’s look is very classy, and full of simplicity. She always looks so effortless and natural, that it’s no wonder I get most of my outfit inspiration from her! And okay, her hair is just gorgeous.

5. Kavita Donkersley from She Wears Fashion.

repmilkyway1_1_0Oh my Kavita, just look at you! Everything about this outfit screams ‘I DON’T CARE, LET’S GO STAR GAZING’. That bag looks like such an outfit-saver, and of course those leggings everyone either wants or has! Kavita’s style is always very punk-ish and full of oodles of glamour!

6. Alexa Chung.

showbiz_alexa_chungAlexa. Probably the most glamorous, effortless, brilliant babe in the whole of England. She follows her own style rules, and just goes with her instinct; which I admire very much! Her hair is so breath-takingly simple, but if I even try to spritz any amount of salt spray in my hair, and beachy wave it to all my heart’s content, I will probably never get the perfect Alexa look. Which is a real shame, as she looks so perfect!

Tallulah xoxo

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131022-172330Hey lovelies! *asdfghjkl* I’m such a bad blogger. Obviously this post was supposed to go up on Sunday *duh Tallulah*, but being the worst blogger ever, it’s two days late! Anyway, I still wanted to just have a little rambly post, so hellooo Sundays/Tuesdays? post! I thought some cosy pictures of me in my favourite jumper (doing awkward poses obvs) would make you smile though, because they’re so cringey!;)


School. Oh yay.


Got the flu. Literally sneezing and coughing up snot every 5 seconds. (Nice picture, right?!;)) Grim.

On the Friday, I did actually go to a Halloween festival in the evening, as I had been looking forward to it for ages, and had already paid for my ticket! I felt a bit better, so me and my friends trekked up to the festival and had an amazing time being terrified for our lives!


Felt a bit worse from screaming my head off the night before, leaving me with a sore throat and headache, but I still went out to my ickle cousin’s birthday party and had a blast!


I made crepes. Omg yum. Liana‘s crepes are amazing! I also just watched the Hobbit in the evening with the family! (Oooh, and I also had dreaded music theory in the morning!)

131022-172420Tallulah xoxo

563177_462192237222676_1082278752_n 1275077_462192643889302_1476110804_o 1374997_462192000556033_1868395335_n 1375669_462191307222769_929876691_a 1383104_462193220555911_1938912492_n 1383472_462191847222715_403077977_n 1397045_462193443889222_1912673541_o 1398563_462191637222736_1473168094_o 1399356_462192920555941_1612753337_o 1400337_462190960556137_1012096942_oHey lovelies! So a while back I attended a cute little tea party in the theme of Alice in Wonderland! Most people who attended went the whole way and dressed up as cute little rabbits, queens and hatters, but I didn’t even know it was a dressing up type thing…Me and my family just turned up in our casual clothes, and to be honest, we were the ones who looked ridiculous!

There were beautiful decorations, and as soon as we all stepped into the hall, it was breathtaking! I didn’t know what to expect, but oh my! The staff were so lovely, and someone dressed up as a rabbit even walked around waving at us and taking pictures with everyone…(I was kind of frightened by this…)

The cakes were amazing! I stuffed myself full with colourful bread, scones and drank a ton of juice that was provided in the sweet little tin jugs! It was such a lovely day…Next time I will definitely dress up.;)

Tallulah xoxo