Cosy night in.

131003-192430Hey lovelies! Now that we’re getting into the colder months…(OMG CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!) Cosy nights in are always essential, and come on, who doesn’t love chilling in a onesie with a bucketful of cookies and hot chocolate at night?! Oh, and sorry if I look quite creepy in this picture hahaha, it’s me with a cookie in a cup on a cosy night in;)

Guide to having a super-awesome party at home…By yourself:

Step 1: Remove all make-up. Yup, feels so good, right?!

Step 2: Get them masks out! Pop on a little mask (any, ya knowww), I’m in love with Ren’s Glycolactic Renewal Mask (as you know)!

Step 3: Moisturise your lips (for kissing later…JOKE IT’S JUST YOU TONIGHT. ALL ABOUT YOU.) But seriously, moisturising is essential for keeping your lips in tip-top condition, especially as the colder months will dry them out! (I love baby lips and vaseline!)

Step 4: Get out your mani and pedi tools! (Post on that coming real soon!) Brush up on your tootsies with your favourite polish…Rimmel do ah-mazing ones, oh my.

Step 5: Gather food! Make some chai lattes or hot chocolate and grab some cookies!

Step 6: Entertain yourself with awesome things…Books, your phone, the tv, your laptop…My blog?;)

Step 7: Get comfy! Get into your pjs (or onesie in my case!), chuck on some slippers (I don’t like my feet being solid ice blocks.) and pile on snuggly jumpers!

Ta-dah! Doesn’t that feel good?!;)

Tallulah xoxo

  1. Sigh I love this post. I think I’ve mastered all steps and repeated some. I got a onesie last Christmas and I can’t wait until an appropriate time to finally wear it again ha ha. Maybe I should go ahead and throw it on. No one has to know :p

    • Hahaha:’) Aw thankyou so much!:’) Yes;) Just wear it now;) I am!:’)xoxo

    • Haha:’) I know, I’m such a silly billy I get excited for stuff like two months early!:’)

      • It’s great to get excited about things** 🙂

      • Definitely! Just a shame it’s not coming sooner!:’)

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