Hey lovelies! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and this post is, urm, really late…But I thought I’d just post, as I actually have the time to! So anyway…

Today I went to Chichester with my grandparents, and we visited a lovely little art gallery which was showing an art exhibition of Eduardo Paolozzi’s work. Unfortunately I wasn’t aloud to take pictures, but I can definitely say that it was remarkable! I studied Paolozzi for a bit for my Art GCSE, so it was awesome to actually see some of the work that I’d drew and painted of his, in real life!

We also went to a sweet little tea room for lunch (pictured below!) and we also did a little bit of shopping…Oh, and because this was the last weekend that the exhibition was up for, you may not be able to catch it…Unless you live around Chichester, and you’re free tomorrow! I would really recommend taking a look!

993705_458372204271346_1859757179_n 1186184_458370084271558_153246482_n 1377592_458373647604535_74106227_n 1383205_458370267604873_1398111813_n 1384109_458379467603953_630768796_n 1385083_458368294271737_414930633_n 1391641_458378944270672_762300013_n 1394446_458370797604820_295951741_n 1395983_458369904271576_508245442_nTallulah xoxo

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