001Hey lovelies! So, we all want clear, perfect skin, don’t we? Blemish-free, oil-free…But that’s just not the case.

Today I wanted to talk about skin, and how to TRY and reduce spots and blemishes, and TRY to combat the onslaught of evil acne and oily skin. My skin (bearing in mind I’m 15, and obviously a teenager), spots are an everyday thing unfortunately. I obviously try to eat a bit more healthily and try to stick with a good skin regime…But sometimes I just need a little bit more help, so I shall get straight into how I try to prevent my mild acne. (And remember, not all these tips are for everyone!)

1. Stock up on green tea. Green tea is so good for your skin, and such a tasty little treat…Stay away from hot chocolate and sugary drinks when breaking out. (This is a great alternative!)

2. Try to keep stress levels to a minimum (really hard, I know), but if that means doing yoga or going out for a run to calm down and breathe, then go for it!

3. Regularly cleaning your make-up brushes is a must for everyone! I know it’s such a bore, but making sure your make-up brushes are clean and bacteria-free means a much more happier face!

4. Let your skin breathe from time to time; go make-up free and don’t feel self-concious…Embrace it!

Some other examples like icing spots, applying sudo creme, toothpaste, and having a soothing face mask every week can also help in some cases!

Tallulah xoxo


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