Mad hatter tea party.

563177_462192237222676_1082278752_n 1275077_462192643889302_1476110804_o 1374997_462192000556033_1868395335_n 1375669_462191307222769_929876691_a 1383104_462193220555911_1938912492_n 1383472_462191847222715_403077977_n 1397045_462193443889222_1912673541_o 1398563_462191637222736_1473168094_o 1399356_462192920555941_1612753337_o 1400337_462190960556137_1012096942_oHey lovelies! So a while back I attended a cute little tea party in the theme of Alice in Wonderland! Most people who attended went the whole way and dressed up as cute little rabbits, queens and hatters, but I didn’t even know it was a dressing up type thing…Me and my family just turned up in our casual clothes, and to be honest, we were the ones who looked ridiculous!

There were beautiful decorations, and as soon as we all stepped into the hall, it was breathtaking! I didn’t know what to expect, but oh my! The staff were so lovely, and someone dressed up as a rabbit even walked around waving at us and taking pictures with everyone…(I was kind of frightened by this…)

The cakes were amazing! I stuffed myself full with colourful bread, scones and drank a ton of juice that was provided in the sweet little tin jugs! It was such a lovely day…Next time I will definitely dress up.;)

Tallulah xoxo


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