131022-172330Hey lovelies! *asdfghjkl* I’m such a bad blogger. Obviously this post was supposed to go up on Sunday *duh Tallulah*, but being the worst blogger ever, it’s two days late! Anyway, I still wanted to just have a little rambly post, so hellooo Sundays/Tuesdays? post! I thought some cosy pictures of me in my favourite jumper (doing awkward poses obvs) would make you smile though, because they’re so cringey!;)


School. Oh yay.


Got the flu. Literally sneezing and coughing up snot every 5 seconds. (Nice picture, right?!;)) Grim.

On the Friday, I did actually go to a Halloween festival in the evening, as I had been looking forward to it for ages, and had already paid for my ticket! I felt a bit better, so me and my friends trekked up to the festival and had an amazing time being terrified for our lives!


Felt a bit worse from screaming my head off the night before, leaving me with a sore throat and headache, but I still went out to my ickle cousin’s birthday party and had a blast!


I made crepes. Omg yum. Liana‘s crepes are amazing! I also just watched the Hobbit in the evening with the family! (Oooh, and I also had dreaded music theory in the morning!)

131022-172420Tallulah xoxo


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