My fashion icons.

Hey lovelies! So, I was wondering what to post today, when I came across Megan‘s post about her style icons. I immediately had the idea to also do a post on my own style icons, so here goes!

1. Susie Lau from Style Bubble.

CC_2009_0189Susie’s style is genuinely so sweet and breath-taking, that it seems so easy to master, even though it takes me ages to complete a look as effortless as this! She takes such a simple outfit, and provides it with a wacky addition (for example the mesh skirt she’s wearing here) to add more of an edgy approach!

2. Tavi Gevinson from The Style Rookie.

elle-tavi-gevinson-mdnOooh Tavi! Her vibe is all out vintage-ness! Very hippie and girly, but still with that classy touch, making her outfits also as simple as Susie’s, but with more of a Moonrise Kingdom approach!

3. Kayla Hadington.

kayla hadlington fashion clickTo be honest, I only really found Kayla’s blog last month, but oh my! I literally adore it to bits (with a word document titled ‘Kayla’ with all my favourite outfits of hers; Not in a stalkery way…)  Punky, edgy, girly, vintage, hippie, chic, wacky, unique and just TOTALLY AWESOME. Her blog provides a sense of absolutely everything!

4. Olivia Palermo.

olivia-palermo2Olivia’s look is very classy, and full of simplicity. She always looks so effortless and natural, that it’s no wonder I get most of my outfit inspiration from her! And okay, her hair is just gorgeous.

5. Kavita Donkersley from She Wears Fashion.

repmilkyway1_1_0Oh my Kavita, just look at you! Everything about this outfit screams ‘I DON’T CARE, LET’S GO STAR GAZING’. That bag looks like such an outfit-saver, and of course those leggings everyone either wants or has! Kavita’s style is always very punk-ish and full of oodles of glamour!

6. Alexa Chung.

showbiz_alexa_chungAlexa. Probably the most glamorous, effortless, brilliant babe in the whole of England. She follows her own style rules, and just goes with her instinct; which I admire very much! Her hair is so breath-takingly simple, but if I even try to spritz any amount of salt spray in my hair, and beachy wave it to all my heart’s content, I will probably never get the perfect Alexa look. Which is a real shame, as she looks so perfect!

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

Maxsta ft. Little Nikki: Wanna go

Hall & Oates: You make my dreams come true

John Mayer: Stop this train

Michael Castro: Be with you

Luminites: Do something

Katy B: 5 AM

Jorja: Fight until I die

Sinead O’Connor: Nothing compares 2 U

Mantaraybryn: Pristine

Chaka Khan: Ain’t nobody



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