Autumn/Winter transitions.

010Hey lovelies! So Autumn’s definitely here…No doubt about it! So this means a very big thing for us cold-weather lovers; finally we can drag out all the winter warmers we’ve hid under our beds and in amongst our closets, and hide those scary bathing suits away…

1. Lipsticks: In Winter time, I tend to go towards darker, more wintry shades, and I like to stock up on reds and berry shades!

2. Blushers: In Summer, it’s obviously more suitable for bronzers and more glowy baby pink shades of blush, but now that it’s come into the colder months, I usually gravitate towards pink and slightly darker berry pink shades.

3. Lip glosses: Sticky lip glosses don’t go down too well in the sweaty hot months, so now we can grab our lip glosses, and I like to wear them in the same sorts of shades as lipsticks so that I can put them over the top for more of a shine and glow!

4. Face masks: My skin becomes tired and worn out at Christmas time (especially from all the cake and chocolates!), so my face needs a little pick-me-up from time to time!

5. Creams: We need to make sure our skin is hydrated and fresh, as your skin will tend to lack moisture because of the cold in Winter time, so stock up on moisturisers and creams!

6. Eyeshadows: Dark berry red shades and golds are perfect for the colder months, as they make your eyes pop! Sparkly shades are also a lot more acceptable!

7. Nails: Sparkly shades are a must for Christmas time, as well as nudes, berry shades, reds, blacks, golds and greens! Stay away from neon and coral shades…

8. Lip balms: Just like the moisturisers, we need to make sure our lips are also full of moisture, and aren’t all cracked and dry.

9. Clothes: Now that we can take out the knits and snuggle up by the fire, we need to stock up on cosy jumpers, bottoms and fluffy socks!

10. Candles: Okay, typical blogger alert. Candles are a must for this time of the year! They’re so relaxing and smell amazing (I tend to like the spicy scents a lot more), and it also makes baths so much more relaxing and enjoyable whilst reading a book!

Tallulah xoxo


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