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Hey lovelies! I was looking back through some old bloggy pictures, and found a few outfits that reminded me of ones from the likes of Carrie, Jazmine and Olivia! I realised that some of our outfits were similar, and I thought I’d just show you our outfits, as I’ve realised that because they’re my favourite fashion bloggers, their fashion sense has obviously just rubbed off on me!

Trend 1: The fluffy pink jumper and floaty grey skirt/dress ensemble.

PicMonkey Collage fluff and swingFluffy pink jumpers are of course all the rave right now, and I’m not surprised at all! As seen on me, pairing it with a cute tee dress and little jacket creates the perfect day-time look, and as seen on Jazmine, you can definitely make it into more of a chic day look, which can also turn into a night-time outfit. The grey dress that I’m wearing is just an essential for me, and me and Carrie are basically wearing it in the same sort of way and style, with just a cute little jacket over the top of the dress along with other bits and bobs added to the mix.

Trend 2: The over-sized black and white tee-shirt dress.

PicMonkey Collage teeOver-sized tee dresses are definitely a big style staple for me. They work for any season and can be dressed up or down. They’re such a cute little investment and work with anything.

Trend 3: The floppy hat.

PicMonkey Collage floppyFloppy hats were a big hit for me in the Spring/Summer, and I can see they must have been for Olivia too. Many a style blogger have been sporting these beauties, and there’s no wonder why! They work with anything and everything, and act as a great extra to glam up an outfit!

What recent trends have you been loving, and who’s style has been rubbing off on you recently?

Tallulah xoxo


3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Digital Camera 28 29 301 231Hey lovelies! I enjoyed doing the other pretty pictures post so much, that I just HAD to do another tumblr-esque jobby! I’m having a meh day, so I thought cute piccys would cheer me up, as well as anyone else who’s having a bad day…*Cue the music* If you’ve had a bad day…

These pictures remind me of Summer (as well as a bit o’ Kate Moss), and that just makes me happy. Okay? Even though of course Winter is the best, because lalala it’s Christmas!!!

I love reading tumblr-esque picture posts, so send me over yours if you do regular ones, or have recently posted one! I’m thinking of making this a regular weekly edition to the blog…What do you think?

Tallulah xoxo

Just a little reminder, that of course none of these pictures belong to me, but you can find them on my tumblr!

105Hey lovelies! Today’s post is just a quickie, as I’m feeling the need for an early night…I did a cute mini interview over on the lbloggerschat blog, and I thought that I would share it with you, just in case you hadn’t seen it…I hope you like it!:)

The interview:

Hey lovelies! I’m Tallulah, and I blog over at Simply My Thing! Okay, so if you already follow my blog, you will know that I mostly blog all about fashion and beauty, (I am obsessed. Help me.) but I LOVE to blog about everything and anything as well…I’m 15 years old (I started my blog at 13), and I am LOVING it! I love reading blogs and just gathering loads of inspiration to blog and write about!

Before I started blogging, I read a few blogs, including Arabella, Shiny Thoughts and Wish Wish Wish! I loved their style and how their personalities shone out in their writing…Plus, I am obsessed with the photography over on Carrie’s blog…It’s just ah-mazing! This is basically how I caught the blogging bug! That, and magazines, as well as my aunty and cousin, who kept telling me to make a blog, as I was always reading, writing and informing everyone on advice for fashion and make-up!

My favourite thing about blogging has got to be all the wonderful bloggers and blogs that you discover and get to meet! I recently went to Sophie etc.’s London Bloggy Meet-Up, and it was an amazing opportunity, to get to meet so many wonderful bloggers, including the one and only Lisette from Lisette Loves! (Such an inspiration for me!)
My most read post is about DIY youtubers that I love…I published it quite a while back, and I’m quite shocked at how many views it got, considering it’s actually quite poor! (Well that’s what I think, ugh, never satisfied!)
What’s my favourite post?! Hmmm, that’s a tricky one…I don’t know, probably one of my OOTD posts…I really like my Pushin’ On post, as I got a lot of views for that, and loads of compliments!
Life hacks? Well I’ll give you a beauty hack! Waterproof mascara is so difficult to get off sometimes, (!!!) but if you just use a bit of oil (olive oil is easy), massage a little bit into your lashes until the mascara starts to break away, wipe if off using a cotton pad, and then rinse, then it’s all done in a jiffy!
My favourite blogger at the moment is definitely Kayla Hadlington! Her style is just incredible…So wacky, but extremely beautiful! She really inspires me to mix different trends and pieces, and to just go for it and not care about following trends or worry about what people think! She also has so many amazing items of clothing, and I adore her hair and of course, her personality!
Thank you so much for interviewing me @LbloggersChat! It’s such an honour and I really enjoyed answering these questions alotalotalot!
Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! I bought this cute fluffy pink jumper yesterday at Westfields in London, and I ADORE it! Pink seems to be all the rave at the moment, with pink jumpers and coats across the catwalks, and they’re great for this season, especially as they’re super warm and cosy. I paired it with my grey t-shirt dress and these socks that you’ve seen a number of times. I added some beads, these new booties and my new H&M reefer jacket; I love how the gold buttons add a touch of glamour to the look!

009 010 011 013 014Boots – Clarks // Knee-high socks – Unknown // Tee-shirt dress – New Look // Fluffy jumper – New Look // Necklace – Unknown // Coat – H&M

I hope you liked this outfit! What would you pair a pink fluffy jumper with?

Tallulah xoxo

tumblr_mftr2jp7W81r8iumzo1_250 tumblr_mmfwoki2a41rktrw3o1_250 tumblr_mqp306dr4e1s3lf4oo1_250 tumblr_msl2vsAuP31qhjmaio1_250 tumblr_mwmloq8RMw1qmsnmmo1_250 tumblr_mwmo010Dnb1r06q46o1_250tumblr_mprtdxfbbN1rw1nfbo1_250 tumblr_mqcrk8UR821s3lf4oo1_250 tumblr_mv0gf1ofJd1s3i5d1o1_250 tumblr_mvq9jqUf5e1qdxwdho1_250a b e f h i k l o p q r s t m n g 1 c dHey lovelies! I thought that it felt like a pretty pictures type of day…It’s Friday tomorrow, so I wanted a bit of a break from big, long posts, and I love reading and seeing pretty picture posts anyway, like over on Joni‘s blog! Tomorrow I have a celebration assembly type-thing for passing my French GCSEs early, and of course, I’m going to see Catching Fire! Argh, I’m so excited! On Saturday I’m also going to London for a friend’s birthday, so I’ve got a very busy end of the week and weekend…So these are just a mishmash of photos that I found on tumblr, and rather liked; Make-up, fashion and pretty things, which I’ve re-blogged on my tumblr, so go check them out!

Tallulah xoxo

PicMonkey Collage21, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Hey lovelies! Okay, I’m so sorry, I’m so silly…I forgot to publish this post about my favourite high-street shop for the #BritishBloggerSelection on Saturday. I’m really sorry, but at least you get a little post filled with cute Christmas jumpers on a cold, rainy Wednesday evening…

So the question is…What’s your favourite high-street shop? Oh, um, ya know…The one and only New Look of course. Practically half of my wardrobe occurs of various New Look pieces, I just love everything in there…It’s not like other stores where they have $wagalicious motifs adorned across sweatpants. Hmmm, I’m going to have to say no to them.

New Look are so affordable and normally have pretty good quality clothing! I say normally because I’ve come across a few pretty duff ones in my time…Of course at this time of year there are plenty of cute booties and snuggly Chrismas jumpers to choose from. As well as pretty lace panel party dresses, and casual tees (I keep spotting the tees and jumpers with NY across them, and I have to say that they’re pretty perfect, especially the gorgeous burgundy jumper!)

What’s your favourite high-street store?

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! So this is going to be a really random post full of stuff that’s been happening and just all of my rambles…I was stuck for things to write about, so I suppose this can be a ‘What’s up?’ post, which I may or may not do regularly, as I’ve given up on the usual Sundays posts…I suppose this is also a little inspiration post too!

What I’ve been up to:

1456487_478424042273656_713102556_nSo nothing much has happened recently, apart from a few parties, looking forward to Catching Fire on Friday…Found out my ear was infected and also a rather large amount of tests…But there was Halloween (I did a post on that here), and also Fireworks night of course! (Toasting marshmallows on candles because we’re cool, watching fireworks, writing our names with sparklers, eating soup by the bonfire…) Oh and there’s me up above looking rather excited with a sparkler…

What I’ve been buying:

hmprodLook what I found on the H&M site…This beautiful Reefer jacket which is a dupe for this Zara classic! I’ve ordered it, so hopefully it shall be coming in a few days time! I ordered it when it was half price, but unfortunately it’s now gone back to the big old £39.99.

What I’ve found on Ask:

BV_kHfeIcAAFqgCI adore Miley Cyrus. Yes I do, don’t hate, as I know that people either love or hate her, but I have to say, wow, she looks so different!

What I’ve found on Youtube:

mqdefaultJoe‘s recent innuendo bingo video. I do love these innuendo bingos that Joe always seems to do. He went on the BBC to do one of their innuendo bingos and it was hilarious! They always make me laugh, and with Caspar on there too, what’s not to love…?!

What I’ve found on Tumblr:

tumblr_mnmkh7VqdD1rxsegso1_250This photo has been everywhere around Tumblr, and it’s definitely my favourite tumblr-esque picture at the moment, just because of how truthful it is! My wifi keeps going down recently, and it’s rather annoying, so this is definitely how I feel!

What I’ve found on Twitter:

e493ea0eac6bccdb89b67bc6605b21bbAnd back to Caspar…He’s just hilarious when he tweets, so of course one of his tweets has got to be my favourite, and it’s this one:

1+1= a window

It’s hilarious because it’s true, and it’s just typical Caspar;)

So…What’s up?

Tallulah xoxo

(I don’t own any of these photos, apart from the one at the top, but there’s either a link to them, or I’m not sure who they belong to!)

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