Lush haul.

Hey Lovelies! Oooh I have an exciting little post today! (Well to me it’s quite exciting…) I of course popped into Lush on a little shopping trip with my friends, and I just HAD to take a looky at all their new Christmas stock, and maybe make a few purchases…

Of course I have to point out the obvious disclaimer that I’m in no way bragging, I just thought it would be nice to show you all what I got, as I love watching and reading about Lush hauls and hauls in general!


001I have no idea if those are his eyes, or just some random little spots on the bath bomb, but oh my goodness it smells amazing! I’m sorry, I get overexcited when it comes to Lush and baths. It smells rather cocoa butter-y and slightly citrus-y with some lemon oil. I’m yet to try this, but I may cut it into two so I can use it twice!

The Christmas Penguin:

003Aw this little guy! Isn’t he cute?! He seems rather messy with his little nose and bits and pieces having fallen off, but this is probably the most exciting out of the lot! I have used some of this already (as you can see from the crumbly top!) And it made my bath blue and bubbly! I’m trying to make this last a long time, which isn’t really working as you can tell, but oh, a girl can try!


006I can’t really tell the different scents of each of my Lush goodies now, as I tried to stuff them all into two bags between them, so the scents are all sort of merging together (my room smells like a Lush shop, oh my goodness), but I think this little one smells a bit buttery like the Butterball and quite vanilla-ry!

The Melting Snowman:

008Everyone always goes nuts about this one, so I’m excited to try him out, as he’s super adorable too! I can’t quite tell if those little buttons and eyes are chocolate or not…As they now look like raisins in this picture which is odd! And look at the cute carrot nose! It feels rather dry, but I’ve heard good things about this, and that it creates a milky texture in your bath which softens up your skin.

I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t tempted you too much…

Tallulah xoxo



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