About me.

131107-192444Hey lovelies! This is my second #BritishBloggerSelection post, and it’s a Q&A that Ellie decided to create…So let’s get on with the questions!

Question One: Why do you like blogging?

I’ve loved reading and writing since forever (bookworm alert;)) And my love for fashion came around at about the age of 11, and my love for make-up at around 13. I enjoy sharing my interests and little ramblings over the internet and connecting with all my readers!:)

Question Two: How did you come up with your blog name?

It was actually my auntie’s idea! She was helping me create my blog, and I wanted my blog to be a place to write about anything, not just necessarily fashion and beauty, so we decided on Simply My Thing!

Question Three: Where from the UK do you come from?

I come from the South East of England, and it’s lovely because I’m quite near to Brighton, little villages full of vintage shops, cute farms and of course the countryside!

Question Four: Favourite colour?

My favourite colour is definitely blue. I want my prom dress to maybe be a baby blue colour (or powder pink or cream…) But anyway, I find that the colour suits me when it comes to clothing, and I just love it in general!

Question Five: Do you like Lana Del Rey?

Who doesn’t?! Okay, maybe a few people, but I adore her. She and Ellie Goulding are such beautiful singers, and they’re such talented, strong-willed women, that I can’t help but look up to them.

Question Six: Hidden Talents That You Have?

Erm, I have no idea…I love singing, playing guitar and cello if that maybe counts? I also love photography, baking and acting!

Question Seven: Celebrity Crush?

Liam from 1D is beautiful. But then again so are Zac Efron and Nicholas Holt…

Question Eight: Favourite Blog Of All Time?

Amy Valentine is by far my favourite blog at the moment, but she’s quite a new find for me, and I have so many favourite blogs that I cannot possibly choose one…

Question Nine: What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?

Ellie’s post on the group and the idea of connecting with other blogs in such an awesome way hooked me from the start! I just knew that I wanted to take part, and I’d seen so many of my bloggy friends taking part too, that I just couldn’t resist!

Let me know if you’re taking part!

Tallulah xoxo


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